[09] Favourite book

~Lance POV~

"Hey, I figured you'd be here!." I said to her, standing a few feet away as she turned around to greet me with a warm smile.

I had gone by Nana's apartment and it was locked, and that's when I knew because there's only one place she likes going to, especially when she wants to think or just separate herself from the world and all the overwhelming thoughts running through her mind.

The docks...

Knowing what she comes here for, I just sit still beside her on the docks, enjoying the calm and the sound of water wheezing on the golden brown sand that was glowing under the warm twilight sun.

I remember when we use to come here years ago, it seems like such a long time now with all that has been happening. The first time I came here with her was the day we became friends after our first encounter at the CPD.

She had ran away from Nana, like she used to say her past

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