[10] What did you do?

~Third person POV~

The Scene opens into a well designed and decorated bedroom, that has light streaming in from the window, as the blinds had been strapped to the side.

The room has a king size bed, a nice cushion by the other side, the decorations the room held are all vintage but have this modern and classical touch to it and it all screamed money. The colors are a pale green, maroon and brown.

A slender yet very pretty figure with silk brown hair that was cropped into a bob, to enhance the skunk look, walks in dressed in all black with pencil heels... She was definitely rocking the assassin fashion. She talks to a figure before closing the door.

"So it all went well I persume?... I don't want any other disturbance, and I won't have dinner." She said and the figure nods and leaves without questioning her decision.

Closing the door, she falls back and collapses on the bed, while w

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