[16] Dinner

Three years ago...

~Lance POV~

Today was my parents 13th wedding anniversary, so they suggested we just have a nice family dinner, well since my Dad always came back late from work, the dinner was till little after dark so he could meet up.

Three years ago when they were celebrating their tenth, we had had a grand celebration here at the manor in honour of a decade, but this year was different they wanted it quiet and just the three of us in attendance.

Lately my dad has always been preoccupied with work, and he had not been able to spend time with us, so today was just like a family get together or reunion.

It was already 6:39pm, dinner was scheduled for 7:15pm, I had nothing to do and my Dad wasn't yet back from work, my Mom however was downstairs ensuring every was in perfect order.

I decided to put on one of my favorite outfits, even if it was

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