Chapter 2

'I just want your time, nothing else.'


Ava Jones... 

Just like how the rivers flow after a stormy nigh of rain in the next morning, my eyes were flooding with salt release with my tears. I had pressed my lips together in an attempt to not allow my cries to leave my mouth and hit his ears.

He was not my saviour brother any more. He has changed.

I kept telling myself to get a grip on my emotions and face him-- like a stranger, if not as a sibling, it was tough regardless.

"Ava, get up." I can sense him towering on my head by standing at the side of my bed with folded arms. His breaths were audible under the disturbed environment of my room that was filled with the noise of pitter patter sound of the rain fall. Noah alone had the ability to convince me, otherwise I never accepted anyone's requests nor pleas.

I was raised by him as a stubborn sister who was granted all the permissions to break rules of being a good child. Our parents have stopped looking at us a long time ago, so Noah became everything to me, and he knew when I reacted differently.

The mattress next to my body indented while I Iay in the middle of the same, trying my best to not let him hear my cries, "Hey! Ava, get up." I was not expecting him to touch me along with that statement.

Noah pulled my arms. I wriggled throwing my anger on him. "Don't you touch me, go away!" he was strong like iron with those big bulgy biceps. He was a strong guy in his twenties. "What is wrong with you, Ava? What is with that crying..." he asked me as if he was irritated by my behaviour.

His fingers clutched my arms still, he was in no mood of letting me go away. For a moment I just felt like shoving his sentences that I eavesdropped the last night, right into his face and push him out my room and slam the door on his face. But a part of ju heart held me.

No matter how much angry I was with whatever my ears have heard from the last night, I still wanted his pampering. I needed him to shower me with his love, if not tell me that he was secretly dating a girl.

Though I would not mind him dating anyone but the hiding was hurting me. I wanted to tell him that I knew about his relationship and I would not mind even if it was that Jasmine, the bitch from his school who broke his heart and moved on with his best friend in Dallas, I just wanted him to tell me. 

We never kept secrets from each other. I told him everything, and he told me everything from his life even though I was two years younger than him and his sister, but we always had rapport that was stronger than our siblings relationship. 

"I don't think you deserve to know that... Just go out." I lowered my head, in a way that Noah can't see my race. My tears recklessly oozed from my eyes after melting from the igneous pile of hurt that was inside my chest. "Just leave me alone..." I cried pulling my knees near my chest. 

Noah bent his head a bit towards the mattress attempting to see my face. His little efforts were forcing me to just avoid my doubts towards him and his girlfriend whomever he was dating and just hug him tight. I needed his shoulders that have been my favourite place to hang and play. 

"Is it because of that Ethan!" Noah remarked narrowing his eyes. 

He was sitting like a crawling baby on all his four on my bed and looking at my face with a tilted head. I whimpered banging my feet on the bed as the name of that bully caught my attention. 

Every time I try to avoid him, any which ways he irritates me again. He is that nightmare that I have never seen and never want to see but that guy... He is unpredictable. 

"If he really is then tell me, I will kick his ass. How dare he bother my sister." Noah's protective brother's voice chimed in my ears. 

I looked up from my knees at his face, he was sitting across me with a leg crossed over the bed and the other one hanging loose at the side of the bed and resting on the cold floor, "Or if it is that stupid best friend of yours, I will kick his ass then. I won't let anyone ruin my baby sister's mood."

with that being said Noah pulled my arms until I was in his lap being hugged tightly while he fell back on the bed on his back speaking near my ear, "Wishing my sist, her life's ha ppiest eighteenth birthday!" 


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