Unleashing desires

Unleashing desires

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
Language: English
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New book: Alpha's moonborn mate is OUT now. Read it today:) ____ My life was almost empty with negligent parents and a brother who was behaving weird lately and hiding secrets. And when Ethan Jones, the son of the school's principal and the bully entered my life, it just turned miserable. Bearing his love mode was pathetic. Everything was going smooth and normal until I discovered something that I shouldn't have. Something that turned him against me. Something I was not prepared for! Wanna know what is that? Read the book now.

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Unleashing desires
||Disclaimer||   'Unleashing Desires'    Copyright ©️ 2020 by Chantinglove138    All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or publisher except for the use of brief quotations in critical articles or reviews. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.   Stealing of my work/any idea or portion of the book may result to severe punishment to whoever who plagiarizes as it is a serious crime and won't be excused.    This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is purely coicidental.   _____ My life was almost empty with
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Chapter 1
'Her eye's poured in pain, it was that one drop of tear that conveyed, she needed love. A brother's love'Ava Jones.... 'Don't you worry babe, I am going to stay away from Ava. She does not have to know about my personal matters at all!'..... 'Yep, I know. I have seen her peeking into my room in the late nights. She seems to be spying on me. I will be alert from the next time. I don't want my freaking sister to spy on me no more.'..... 'You don't have to worry about anything, love! I am there... I will make sure Ava is out of our way.'..... 'Now come on give me a kiss!' ~~~~I sighed laying in my bed silently. The alarm clock kept on the table beside my bed rung four times already, yet I was in my bed--- mourning to myself over the words of my brother Noah, that I eavesdropped the last night.
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Chapter 2
'I just want your time, nothing else.' **** Ava Jones...  Just like how the rivers flow after a stormy nigh of rain in the next morning, my eyes were flooding with salt release with my tears. I had pressed my lips together in an attempt to not allow my cries to leave my mouth and hit his ears. He was not my saviour brother any more. He has changed. I kept telling myself to get a grip on my emotions and face him-- like a stranger, if not as a sibling, it was tough regardless. "Ava, get up." I can sense him towering on my head by standing at the side of my bed with folded arms. His breaths were audible under the disturbed environment of my room that was filled with the noise of pitter patter sound of the rain fall. Noah alone had the ability to convince me, otherwise I never accepted anyone's requests nor pleas. I was raised by him as
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Chapter 3
'A girl's birthday is special, always. And when a crazy stupid lover's messages floods her phone, it becomes all the way more marvelously special.' ****** Ava Jones... "It is raining heavily today! How about I drive you to the school in my car." I sat on the circular dining table located across in the kitchen in my seat and enjoying the slice of pasta that Noah heated for me. I raised my arm and showed my brother a thumbs up, who was cooking some pasta for us, "As you say" I answered him enjoying my pizza that was his mini treat for me in order to lessen my anger towards him. He thought that I was angry because he did not wish me at 12 o' clock the last night. He was totally unaware of the real cause behind my cries and I did not let him know about it either. I was just happy that he was showering me with his attention fairly as I had wanted. I can talk about his gir
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Chapter 4
'She was a beautifully broken story with no beginning, middle or end. She was just a blank page that he wished to fill with the words coming all the way from his heart!' ****Ava Jones...  We settled in the car and embarked our wet journey towards our school, Rosewood High. The clouds were mildly pouring while I preferred to check all the messages I received. I purposely avoided reading Ethan's messages since I know the majority of them would be nothing but his love confessions. I have not made a proper introduction of him to you right, let me do it now. So he is Ethan Connor, the only son of his parents aka the principal of our school, Mr. Harvey Connor and Mrs. Jenny Connor who is a dentist by profession. However, he is a bully. A complete badass bully who loves to hurt and pain people for his fun. He is in the same class as mi
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Chapter 5
 'He may be a bully hurting and bothering everyone, but across her, he was a lovestruck puppy who'd melt in her arms.' ***Ava Jones...  "Bye Noah, see you after the school!" Waving at my brother rushing towards his class inside the school building I waited back near the gate of the school for my best friend Dylan.  We have been friends like for five years now. I met Dylan in school during the lunch break. He was like your typical cute little boy with a lovely smile and chubby cheeks. That was Dylan five years ago, but now, after half a decade, he has grown up into a handsome mess with a heart stealing smile and a handsome face that every girl from our class wants to caress.  Dylan Hemsworth, my best of friend, was a shy guy. He never dated a girl because he simply never found anyone suiting his taste. And I, for one, was his only formal friend that every other fema
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Chapter 6
6 "He was handsome, no doubts. But his thoughts were as ugly as hurting anyone's heart with his sinful actions." ****Ava Jones... Soon I was standing in the canteen with the others watching Sasha and her boyfriend sitting on the chair in the middle of the canteen room. They were surrounded by Ethan's friends, Jack, Selena, Hardin and Bill while Ethan himself sat on a chair opposite Sasha and Max's.  His left leg was crossed over the other and a finger of his one hand tapped on his chin as the other hand rested on his stomach, "So you visited my father and complained against me, didn't you?" he calmly sat on the chair eyeing the couple.  He seemed gentle but I can imagine him gritting his teeth. Ethan was like that stormy night that seemed romantic with drizzling sky and fragrance of petrichor until its real motive was seen.  All the eyes stared
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Chapter 7
7 "His eyes were the biggest liar I ever saw... Because every time he glared at me in anger, I knew there was an evil thought going on in his head which was nothing but wanting to kiss my lips." **** Ava Jones... My legs started trembling. There were many strong and courageous individuals in the school yet nobody stood against Ethan and his gang for they knew, he was a heck of stubborn guy who once enters someone's life then there is no way he tends to leave them unless they are not doomed to the zero level. I have experienced that myself.  "Ehhh you bit---" being totally perplexed and scared I held the tall guys t-shirt from the back as I saw Jack and Bill kicking their chairs and getting up. They were about to get a hold of both Sasha and Max when Ethan himself stood up and roared, "NO! They are my culprits, I will handle them alone. Back off you all."  H
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Chapter 8
'His love is like a witch's potion. Too much is not too good and too less is not very effective.'  ***** Ava Jones... My legs lost the strength to stand still and I completely hung on him for support. Gratefully, his one arm was around my waist holding me still or else I would have ended kissing the ground with my ass. His stare was intense. Ethan (without making any effort) successfully has my attention to himself. I can't take my eyes off of his face while his tongue licked and fondled with my lips. All I could see was his dark eyes looking down at me as I stood frozen in his arms. If it had not been his teeth biting my lower lip then I don't think I would have come back to reality. His wink followed a devilish smirk, Ethan raised an eye brow giving me a teasing smile. I quickly pushed him aside and looked behind me at Sasha and Max. The two of them were in tears, trembling and re
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Chapter 9
'If he is an addict, I am his addiction.' ****My fingers froze in fear. The smirk from his lips gradually died. I took a few steps backwards in an attempt to maintain a safe distance from him since the way he stared at me, it was clear that he was about to take a step that would be regretted by me after that I refused to pretend to be his girl.  And why should I?  Isn't that true that we are not dating then why should I play along! I agree I came forward to help my classmates but how can I overlook the reality that I don't have a very good relationship with Sasha. She is one of those girls in the school who tries to show her superiority and show off her wealth. I cannot overlook that she does not like any girl talking to her boyfriend including me.  I can admit that I came forward to help the couple more for Max. That guy is really very helpful. I sometimes wondered how on eart
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