Chapter 52

"D-dylan?" Ava’s heart sunk into calmness. Her eyes stormed with tears. She sniffed feeling her lungs refuse oxygen. The hair on her skin erected as the disheveled stature of her best friend came to view. 

"How dare you bitch get my girl. I told you to stay away from her, didn't I?" Dylan roared on top of his lungs as he plunged a punch on Bill's right cheek. 

His blow threw him to the ground, his face down. "You coerced us to do shitty stuff, scared us with our relationship secrets and what not... Yet after doing so much you are here with her. How dare you." He was a mess of blood, smell of sweat and anger. 

His eyes were not two normal human eyes. They had transformed into dark ember balls that depicted small versions of fire ball. They glared down at Bill as he lashed him with blows and kicks. 

Ava could not take her eyes away. He finally came. Her best friend. They were

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