Chapter 2

Rielle’s POV

"Okay! Let's call it a day girls!" Our coach shouted

I breathed deeply "Thank you sir!" We all shouted

I lazily walked towards our shower room.

After I took a shower, I quickly put on my clothes and combed my jet black colored hair.

"Bye girls!" I bid goodbye to my teammates

"Bye captain!" She all yelled

As I walked through the corridor, Barbie approached me.

"Hi, Rhi!" Barbie greeted me

"Hi, barbie girl." I smiled to her

"When is your volleyball tournament?" 

"You should know that. You'll cheer for us, right?"

I don't know why she's talking to me right now. She normally ignores me. Weird.

"Yeah, I know. The thing is, I didn't listen to our couch's discussion"

"Why don't you ask your best friend? She's your captain, right?"

"She didn't listen also"

I frowned.


"Becauseshe'swatchingyou.” She whispered


"Nothing. Will you tell me or not?"

I sighed "Next week, Saturday, 9 in the morning"

"Wow! Too much details. But thank you."

I reached my black truck "Yeah, welcome.”

She waved at me as I slid inside my truck. I waved back and went straight to my house.


I turned the lights on as soon as I got inside my house. Yup, I’m living with myself; alone and fucked up.

"Home alone again" I whispered

I laid on my bed and I remember my encounter with Glaiza this morning. I smiled.


I ran towards my first subject. 

Shit! I'm late!

To my very luck, I bumped into someone.

"Hey! What the hell is your problem?" The girl faced me

I froze.


"Sorry, I'm running late" I said scratching the back of my head

"No need to hurry, Ms. Last closed the goddamn door."

Wow! We're talking! 

"Is that so? I'll just spend my time at the library. Wanna join me?" I smiled sweetly

You know Rielle Jones that smile won't affect her.

She looked at her wrist watch "We still have an hour. Let's go"

She started to walk.

And I'm just here, can't still believe.

She looked over her shoulder "I thought you want to go to the library?" 

I shook my head and jagged towards her "I'm just shock"

"I know. Good thing there's no one in the corridor right now"

I smirked "Why?"

"I don't want them to see me with you"

"You talked like I'm a maniac"

"Aren't you?"

I rolled my eyes "Not funny"

"Let's get things straight Jones, I'm not a bad person. We're just two different person"

I nodded "I know that you're not a bad person. It's just happened that you have those beautiful ice orbs. You said different? You mean... You're cold? And I'm jolly? You're quiet? And I'm loud? You're rich? And I'm not? You're beautiful? And I'm not? Yeah we're totally different"

"You talked too much" she said running her fingers through her hair


I watched Glaiza as she read a book across from me.

"Don't look at me like that" she said without looking at me

I pretended reading a book "I'm not" 

She closed her book "Can you read mandarin?"

I frowned "No? Why?"

"Because you're holding a mandarin dictionary" 

I immediately dropped the book only to make some noises. The librarian looked sternly at us. I smiled apologetically.

"Glaiza, why can't we be friends?"

She looked at me confused, "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I want to be your friend."

"No, you don't" 

"Yes, I do"

"Okay, let's have a dare."

Dare? Hmmm

"What kind of dare?" I asked leaning my arms against the table

"Tell me three secrets of yours."

I shook my head "You're shitting me"

She smirked. 


"I thought you wanted to be my friend?" 

I looked at her cold eyes, thinking if she's serious. She stared back at me. 

"I'm living on my own" I said

"One down. Wait, where's your parents?"

"Far away from here. From me." I said looking away

"Sorry, the second one?" 

"I love minions" 

She rolled her eyes on me "Tell me something that's worthy of my trust"

"But, that's one of my biggest secrets!" I protested

She sighed "Okay, the last one? Please! Jones! Tell me something more interesting! Okay?" 

"I'M GAY" I said looking straight to her eyes

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