Opposite Attracts

Opposite Attracts

By:  YnahRivera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Glaiza Burrows, the Ice queen of St. Vincent High, no one dares to mess up with her. Her almond shaped and hazel colored eyes that intimidates everyone except Rielle Jones. Like Glaiza, Rielle is also a popular student in St. Vincent High, but she was known for being friendly. Will they get along if they have opposite personalities? All I know is that.... Opposite attracts.

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Courtney Renee Ogden
It was an amazing story I wished we read about the wedding!
2022-07-09 10:37:31
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Akashia Grei
Great story! 👍👍👍
2021-03-12 17:30:04
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
GLAIZA'S POV"Ms. Glaiza wake up" someone tried to
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Chapter 2
Rielle’s POV"Okay! Let's call it a day girl
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
GLAIZA’S POV"Barbie, I don't know what to r
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Chapter 5
Rielle’s POVGlaiza told me yesterday that s
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Chapter 6
Glaiza's POV "Are you going to drive her to school everyday?" Barbie asked me as she open her locker 
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Chapter 7
Rielle's POV "Nads! I told you I'm not coming to that freakin' party" I hissed over the phone 
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Chapter 8
Glaiza's POV I can't believe I agreed to this date. 
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Chapter 9
Glaiza's POV "Good morning" Rielle greeted me as sat down on the passenger seat 
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Chapter 10
Glaiza's POV "I heard from barbie that you'll go on a date later, is that true?" Mom asked me  
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