Who to love?
Who to love?
Author: YnahRivera

Chapter 1

"Can you two remind me why I need to live with them?"

"Because your father wants you to choose who among the three monkeys will be your soon to be husband." Jiya answered her best friend's question

Mr. Kim sent his only daughter to live with the Song, gave his daughter the free will to love, if that's even possible.

"Three? I thought they were quadruplets?" Quinn joined their conversation

They are now traveling to the Song's mansion, riding a luxurious limousine that Enrique Song sent to fetch the one and only Jenea Kim.

"Yes but their eldest is a girl, there is no chance for Jenea to fall for her." Jiya said

"Why not? Love is love." Quinn countered back "Besides, Jenea will fall for their personality not for their looks, they share the 99% identical face."

"What are their names again?" Jenea asked because her friends knows them than her

"Liesel, Lucas, Dave and Dylan." Quinn answered "This is what I've heard from my parents, that Liesel and Lucas are mortal enemies. They can't stand each other, that is why Liesel went to Paris just to have peace of mind."

"So, Liesel is not here in Korea?" Jiya asked

"She flew back here just to meet Jenea then she will go back to Paris."

Jenea released a stress sigh.

The three arrived in a castle-like mansion. All the servants were lined up and the moment the three stepped out from the limousine the servants bowed.

"Woah." Quinn said in amusement

"Welcome home, Miss Jenea." The servants said in chorus

The three paid them back with a smile.

"Welcome home, my daughter!" A white man with a big tummy happily welcomed the three

Jenea smiled at her father's old friend "Thank you for this Enrique." She then introduced her friends to him

"Let's go inside, my boys are waiting for you."

"You're so lucky, Jen." Quinn whispered to Jenea while they are walking behind Enrique

"Boys, I want you to meet Jenea Kim and her friends, Jiya and Quinn." Enrique introduced Jenea and her friends to his sons the moment they reached the living room.

Jenea slightly frowned when she saw the three. That face looks so familiar to her. Jenea is sure that she saw that face somewhere but she can't remember when.

The three Song stood up.

"I'm Lucas." The bad boy looking said offering his hand to Jenea     

Jenea and Quinn and Jiya shook hands with him.

"Hello, ladies. I'm Dave. The cutest." He then winked at them       

"And I am Dylan. The youngest." Dylan smiled at them "Feel at home."

"Where is your sister?" Enrique asked his sons

"She wished not to disturb her, father." Dylan answered

Enrique ordered one of the maids to fetch Liesel from her room.

"Let's take a seat while waiting for Liesel." Dave said and they all sat

Minutes passed but there is still no sign of Liesel.

"What's taking her so long?" Enrique is getting upset at her eldest

"Why don't you give her a rest, father? She can meet Jenea at dinner." Dylan suggested

"No. She flew here to meet Jenea and then she will act like that?"

"But she shouldn't be here in the first place, are you seriously pairing Liesel to Jenea also?" Dylan asked

Jenea bite her lower lip. They talked like Jenea is not around.

"Why not? Among you Liesel is the most likable." Enrique plastered a mocking smile at his sons

Dave and Dylan groaned while Lucas just sighed. Jenea observed that Lucas is the silent one. 

Lucas is the type of person who you don't want to mess with.

"Excuse me, Monsieur, Miss Liesel wished to give her a peaceful sleep for now." The maid that Enrique instructed to fetch Liesel reported to Enrique

"I'll fetch her! Soeur can't resist my charm." Dylan volunteered and excused himself

"Soeur will surely be here soon, she can't say no to her favorite brother." Dave said

"You'll have a hard time choosing who among them you'll fall for." Jiya whispered to Jenea

"I think Liesel is my favorite among them." Quinn whispered too "I think they all love her, except from Lucas."

Jenea just sighed. She doesn't know what to respond to because she's too overwhelmed with the happenings.

Moments later, Dylan came back with a victorious smile.

"She'll be here in any minute." Dylan sat back to his former seat next to Dave

"What did you do to convince her?" Dave is amazed by Dylan

"Showered her with kisses." Dylan laughed

Dave laughed also, "I imagined her disgusted face."

"Good day, everyone." All of them looked at the woman standing in front of them

"YOU?!" Jenea stood up from her seat

"You?! What are you doing here?"

"Hmm. This coffee really makes me relax." Jenea said after sipping on her coffee, she exited from her favorite cafe

Jenea is busy enjoying and worshiping her coffee while walking back to her car when suddenly someone ran to her causing her coffee to spill to the person she bumped into.

"Oh my god! My coffee!" Jenea yelled and looked at her person in front of her "Look what you did to my precious coffee!"

Liesel looked at her white blouse in horror "You're the one who is in fault here! You're not looking your way! Look at my blouse!"

"I don't care about your blouse!" Jenea spat at Liesel

"You!" Liesel gritted her teeth "Ugh!" She then turned her heels around and went back to her car

Jenea stumped her right foot before walking back to her car. That girl already ruined her day.

"You're the mad girl in Seoul who spilled coffee to my blouse!" Liesel remembered Jenea's face

"And you're the girl who just ran away after what you did to my coffee!" Jenea fired back

"I was just about to get my wallet to buy you a new coffee but when I returned you weren't there anymore." Liesel reasoned out


"Now I am a liar! You're the one who was at fault and you still have the guts to call me a liar?!"

"Oh, she's the girl you're talking about months ago? The day you came back with a dirty blouse." Dylan giggled "Destiny."

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