Who to love?

Who to love?

By:  YnahRivera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jenea was sent by her father to choose who among from the four Song's will be her partner; Liesel, Lucas, Dave and Dylan. While living under the same roof with the Song Family she found out the past that ruined their family.

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39 Chapters
Chapter 1
 "Can you two remind me why I need to live with them?""Because your father wants you to choose who among the three monkeys will be your soon to be husband." Jiya answered her best friend's question
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Chapter 2
Quinn and Jiya decide to accompany Jenea for a week before they go back to Seoul."Let's wander around tomorrow, I want to visit some of the tourist spots here in Busan." Quinn said to her two friends who are laying down on Jenea's new bed
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Chapter 3
"Soeurrrrr!""Get off me!" Liesel tried to remove Dylan and Dave's arms hooked to her neck
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Chapter 4
"I love you, babe."Liesel stared at her fiancé lovingly "I love you too, babe."
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Chapter 5
"Hey."Jenea is surprised to see Lucas in her room "Lucas, is there something you need?"
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Chapter 6
"I'm not actually surprised to see Lucas with Jenea, I know his game."Dylan and Dave are in Liesel's room again, disturbing her and Brielle from their girl talk.
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Chapter 7
"Are you all ready to go?"Liesel laughed as she watched the three nod in unison.
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Chapter 8
Jenea's POVMy mouth hung wide open when I saw hundreds of sheep, cows and stallions when we reached the ranch.
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Chapter 9
Liesel's POV"Is she your girlfriend?"
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Chapter 10
Jenea's POVI woke up with the sound of the irritating alarm clock. I groaned as I adjusted my eye sight.
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