Me him and our happiness

Josh Pov

I can feel how awkward Jordan is right now, He can't concentrate on eating because Liz keeps on staring at him.

" Hey, eat your food first," I said as I pinched Liz's leg.

" Ahh, sorry" She apologised

" Jordan, I just want to ask something, if it's fine with you," She said

" Yes, as long as it's not about my love life, it's fine" Jordan answered and smiled.

" When did you know that you had a twin brother?" Liz asked

" Actually, just last night," He said

" Huh? Why?"

" Last night, Joash almost drowned himself on the beach, I helped him, I saw how scared he was," He said while staring at me

I can feel my sweat flow down from my cheek.

" Wait, what, you did what?!" Liz asked me

" I  was stupid that time, I wanted to end my life be--" I'm not yet

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