Tears of a sad Goodbye

Tears of a sad Goodbye

By:  Hueghin  Ongoing
Language: English
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The ocean is quiet, the smell of the fresh air and the coldness of the wind that makes my heart float from mid-air. The sound of the waves that is splashing on the shore, the warm water from the ocean that gently touched my toes. I stared at the sky to prevent the tears from crawling down to my lashes. " I'm ready Dilan" " phew" I released a heavy sigh " this is it" I stood up and walked slowly near the shore. " hey stop!! Stop" I heard someone shouted, but I don't care at all, right now all I need is to remove all the pain that I am feeling right now, I need to end this suffering, I need to follow him I loved him. " Hey what do you think you are doing, " the man wearing a black polo shirt said as he pulled me back to the shore " I... I want to end this," I said as I cry like a baby " Hey mung, don't do that.. think of your family, friends," he said I don't even know this person and why the heck is he invading my life I stared at him and I was shocked when I saw his face, am I dreaming? Is this real? What the hell? There are things that science can't explain. Is this a blessing from up above? Or did Dilan gave me this man because he knows that I will be lonely without him? I find something interesting, Dilan gave me something to treasure, to love and to trust.

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💖Cute Pie ❤️
So good so far please don't take long to update new chapters
2021-04-29 06:47:29
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Flii Fliier
beautifully sad story so far.. but a lil bit slow on update..
2020-08-01 11:19:54
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Hi Guys, kindly help me to promote this story please ??????
2020-06-15 14:00:15
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Belle Cassy
???? Must read.
2020-06-08 20:09:24
user avatar
Suppoortt ??
2020-07-28 06:23:39
user avatar
Update please!!!
2020-06-07 22:12:51
25 Chapters
Happy pill
  " Hey Dilan stop that," I said as I tried to avoid his nose sniffing my neck " it tickles," I said and pushed him" Good morning love," he said and kissed me on the foreheadSuch a sweet man " Good Morning too," I said and kissed him on the cheek " Come on down breakfast is ready," he said and stood up from the bed " Okay I'll just take a very quick shower " I answered and winked at him. " Okay then" He answered back and winked at me. Thank you God for giving me a sweet and nice boyfriend, I don't know if I did something great on my past life to receive a special treatment today, I went inside the bathroom and took a quick shower, I stared at the mirro
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But why?
 " Hey, Joash babe where do you want you to eat later?" Dilan said while packing his things"I'm not feeling well, I want to sleep, "I said as I lay down on the couch inside our office" uhhmm so let's go home then, I'll cook porridge later," Dilan said " see babe you just don't have a husband who cooks delicious foods but you also have a delicious husband" he added and kissed me on the lips" tch.." I glared at him " faster," I said and sat down" okay. I'm done now let's go home" he saidWe went out of the office holding the hands of each other.This is one of the happiest days that ever happened to me" hop in," Dilan said as he opened the front seat for me" Okay," I said and hopped inAs he sat next to me he stared at me and shook his head." And yes?" I said and stared at him
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Who are you?
 Its been a week since Dilan's funeral. My eyes are swollen and I lost my appetite too.  Dilan promised me to visit the beach today, he promised that we will celebrate our monthsary here. I looked upon the sky to prevent the tears from my eyes to crawl down from my lashes. " Dilan, Baby? Are you listening? I missed you, I know I've done so many stupid things and I never told you how much you mean to me, how much I love you, I wish you knew how much it destroyed me when you left." I hurriedly wiped the tears on my eyes and laughed like stupid  I should not cry, Dilan will never be happy if he sees me crying. The o
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Is this a dream?
Jordan pov "Yes, babe, I'm about to sleep now, yes. Sister Kim is with me" I answered and ended the call.Honestly, I really don't like Amanda, my current girlfriend, why? Because she's too clingy, she wanted me to update her, to give her every detail that I am doing, I looked like a bird inside a cage that doesn't have any freedom to make myself happy." Who's that?" My sister asked" Amanda, " I answered boringly." What's with that facial expression?" She stared at me while her hands are crossed on her chest" You know what Sis, it's better to put your hands on your waist, like this" I stood up from sitting and went on her direction and put her hands on her waist" And why? Do I look prettier on this position?" She asked while smiling"Of course not, that position is better for you to have a shap
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Truth lies!
JoashI woke up because of the rays of the sun hit my eyes.I gently stood up and sat on the edge of my bed, I took a deep breath and gently closed my eyes, I wore a fake smile on my face to cover the pains I am experiencing." You can do it Joash, " I said, cheering myself up.I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a bath, I was in that position when a sudden flashback appeared." My name is Jordan, "Fuck, I need to meet that guy again, I need to talk to him, I took a quick shower and hurriedly dressed my self,  after fixing my self, I ran to the lobby and went to the house of Jordan." Hey, Kim, " I said and smiledKim, Jordan's sister stared at me, her eyes are swollen and red, she tried to smile but I can still see sadness through her eyes." Are you okay?" I askedShe took
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I met him, again
JoashI stood up from sitting when Jordan came home.He stared to his sister and stared back to me."I'll go home now," I said"No, stay here, wait for me, I'll just change my clothes and come with me to the cemetery where you buried the body of my twin brother." He said" Wait, what? Twin brother? Do you mean Di-Dilan? Dilan is your twin brother?" I asked while shaking my head.That's why they looked like,  I'm still confused right now, Dilan did not mention anything about this."Yes, he is my long lost twin brother, it's a long story, just wait for me here," He said and walked straight to his room" Sis, go change your clothes, we need to visit and pay respect to our brother!" Jordan said in a scary tone of voice.I glanced to Kim who is smiling.They both went inside there rooms wh
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Me him and our happiness
Josh PovI can feel how awkward Jordan is right now, He can't concentrate on eating because Liz keeps on staring at him." Hey, eat your food first," I said as I pinched Liz's leg." Ahh, sorry" She apologised" Jordan, I just want to ask something, if it's fine with you," She said" Yes, as long as it's not about my love life, it's fine" Jordan answered and smiled." When did you know that you had a twin brother?" Liz asked" Actually, just last night," He said" Huh? Why?"" Last night, Joash almost drowned himself on the beach, I helped him, I saw how scared he was," He said while staring at meI can feel my sweat flow down from my cheek." Wait, what, you did what?!" Liz asked me" I  was stupid that time, I wanted to end my life be--" I'm not yet
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Please, Come back
JoshWhy did he come back? I thought he already went home, I look stunned when he walked near us, handed me a handkerchief and when he gave me his phone number, Wait, what? If I'm sad or having some problem he will come and help me? Am I dreaming?After the thing happened earlier, I went back to our apartment, as I opened the door the smell of Dilan's scent is still there, I sat on the couch."Hey, you're back?" I heard a voice."I missed you so much, I requested for an under time" I answered and gave him a peck on the cheek."Let's eat then, " Dilan saidMy eyes started to water again, these are the happy moments we had.Every area of this house has a lot of important memories.I stood up and went to the kitchen to get water."Stop drinking those, that is bad for your health" I shouted."
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Guess who?
Josh POVI remember every time I woke up this early, breakfast is already ready on our dining table, coffee is served hot, my clothes to wear is also prepared, but now, I need to do it alone.After taking a bath I immediately dressed and walked out of the house, I don't have the appetite to eat.I took a cab and told the driver to drive our office.Along the way, I opened my phone and saw Jordan's Facebook post.Life said " You're gonna be happy" but first I will make you strong."I smiled, seeing Jordan this happy makes my heart flutter, it feels like I am seeing Dilan on him, but the more I see Jordan the more I feel the pain of being left alone by my boyfriend, I guess this is really not a good thing seeing him, talking to him, I need to have space for us.As I arrived at the office, I saw how shocked everyone, how they stared
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Souvenirs of the past
JoashThat was cool, Dj Dee is really cool, I want to see him soon, I will bring Joash to him, I can feel that he can help Joash to be motivated, he's encouraging words can uplift and motivate Joash."Good Morning, Love" I was shocked when I saw Amanda sitting on my bed, I just came out from the bathroom."What are you doing here?" I asked while walking past her to get clothes." I want to have breakfast" She pouted" The food is downstairs, you go eat there," I said as I pointed the door."No, I want you to be my breakfast" She winked."What the hell?" I whispered"Why! We are lovers and besides, we haven't done that for almost forever" She said while walking near me.I don't know but I really don't want to be with this girl."S--stop it, Amanda," I said as I pushed her head.
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