Chapter 2 Elder Sister, Thank You for Giving Birth to A Son for me!

Ye Wanwan was awakened by the pain.

When she had had her first child, she had suffered from the traumatic labor. The doctor had informed her that things would go more smoothly the next time, but unexpectedly, her second delivery had been even tougher and more painful.

After giving birth to the child, Ye Wanwan was in so much pain that she couldn't even cry out. The strength had been sapped from her and she was weak and fragile all over.

Still, she wanted to know how things were going with Qianqian.

The moment Ye Wanwan stepped out of the birthing room, she heard the anxious voice of a doctor. "Who's the relative of Bo Qianqian?"

"Doctor, It's me! Over here!" Ye Wanwan hobbled over to the doctor in pain, her hand pressing against the wall. "How is Qianqian?"

"Bo Qianqian is missing! What have you been doing? Why didn't you keep an eye on her? Her oxygen tube must not be unplugged. It's extremely risky for her to leave the ward!"

"What?! Qianqian is missing?!" Ye Wanwan exclaimed in a panic, "She was in the ward just now. How could she have disappeared?!"

The doctor couldn't bear to see Ye Wanwan in such a weak state and felt sympathy for her. She looked around and when she noticed that there was no one else accompanying her, she frowned involuntarily.

"You've just given birth to a baby, haven't you? Where's your husband? Your daughter has just been in a car accident, and you've just given birth. Why isn't he here?"

"I... "

Ye Wanwan's lips trembled, and watery tears welled up in her eyes. No matter how hard she tried, she could not stop them from falling.

At that moment her husband was in another woman's bed, making love to her own sister!

She simply could not say those words out loud.

The doctor had witnessed all sides of human nature and all kinds of relationships, both the most tender, loving human emotions, and the coldest, most reprehensible ones. Seeing Ye Wanwan's darkening face, she naturally concluded that her husband was too irresponsible a man.

She sighed heavily. "You're now in poor condition yourself. Take good care of yourself. Call your family and ask them to help you find your daughter."

Ye Wanwan didn't give a reply, just clutched the phone in her hand tightly.


Parents were usually one's closest family members, but she had neither of them.

She had been abandoned as a baby and taken in by the Ye Family.

When they were both kids, Ye Ke'er had competed with her for toys and friends. Now they'd grown up, Ye Ke'er had taken away her husband.

Ye Wanwan smiled ruefully and made a call to Bo Qing again.

"Qing, Qianqian is missing. Could you help me find her, please? The doctor said that she..."

This time, it was Bo Qing who answered Ye Wanwan's call. However, before she could even finish her words, he hung up heartlessly.

In Bo Qing's view, Bo Qianqian was the physical evidence of Ye Wanwan's betrayal. He could not bear the thought of the woman, who had said she loved him, being willfully ravaged by another man.

Bo Qing's hatred made him want to tear Ye Wanwan to shreds. How could he help her look for Bo Qianqian?

However, at the thought of Bo Qianqian's adorable little face and how sweet she was when she called him Dad, he felt an inexplicable sense of annoyance.

He threw his phone heavily to the ground, trying to get rid of the restless feeling in his heart.

After Ye Ke'er finished assigning tasks for her men, she came out of the bathroom and embraced Bo Qing tightly from behind. "Brother Qing, can you stay here tonight?"

"You should go to bed early." Bo Qing pushed Ye Ke'er away with a cold expression on his face, grabbed his keys, and walked out of the room.

He had no real interest in touching her. It was only in front of Ye Wanwan that he would show a bit of warmth towards Ye Ke'er in order to incite her jealousy.

Ye Ke'er continuously pinched her padded belly, and her eyes were filled with rage.

Though she was not actually pregnant, Ye Wanwan was!

She had just received news that Ye Wanwan had given birth to a son.

Ye Ke'er's lips curled up in hatred. "Ye Wanwan, thank you for giving birth to a son for me!"

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