Chapter 31 Tell Her that the Child Was Still Alive

Miao Wanwan stepped out of the office managing to maintain an air of composure. However, the calm look on her face vanished the moment she got into the lift.

As she leaned against one of the walls, which was right below the camera, the color of her delicate fingernails slowly drained away as she gripped the hand rail.

There was no reason for him to investigate things solely because of what had happened last night.

This had to have something to do with what Miao Xiaobei and the man had told him.

There had been something wrong with him ever since she had gotten back from the bathroom last night.

It just had to have something to do with Miao Xiaobei. That little b*tch.

She was going to get in the way of her plans.

"Miss Miao, are you all right?"

A man with glasses had entered the elevator, and enquired about her welfare after seeing that her face was rather pale.

Miao Wanwan had been completely lost in her thoughts. She paused for a few seconds before registering that she was no
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