Chapter 38 The End

"Murong Ling, guess you can't wait to send me to prison, huh? I never knew you to be so cruel. I love you so much, and you know that I have cancer, yet you're still sending me to that gloomy hellhole. I'm devastated."

Miao Wanwan looked up at the sky as she spoke, a single tear falling from the corner of her eye.

Miao Xiaobei paid absolutely no attention to her words. Her entire being was focused on the sleeping child wrapped in her arms. She was so afraid that Miao Wanwan would fall off the cliff accidentally if she was startled or shifted her weight a little.

"Miao Xiaobei, I hate you so much, do you know that? Why you are better than me at everything? Even your luck is better! Why don't I have anything? My entire life, I've had to struggle just for a few scraps of happiness, but you snatched everything away. How can I not hate you?" she wailed.

Murong Ling signaled for Miao Xiaobei to keep talking to her, then he silently edged towards the space behind her.

"Do you know how muc
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June Chase
I love reading novel, where the ML does despicable things to the FL just because some women saved him. why don't I see people marrying doctors, firefighters and Police because they save them. why Ling don't marry the doctor that save his life after the stabbing?
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Vivian Song
she so weak she deserved a sadistic lover let her be get rape get beaten are her hobbies she enjoyed being abused ... she got a chance to be tobe with a diamond but she chose a rock
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Ladi Lee
Nope. Hated this book. One who commits such evil acts against me would NEVER get another chance, period.
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