Chapter 10 : Comfort

There's no class today but I'm so stressed. The thing that just happened days ago is still circulating inside my mind. 

Mrs. Cambri's depressing face is what I can see right now. After General Cleofas sent us away, Mrs. Cambri cannot help but to cry. I want to tell her that we can still do something in order to save her son's life, but after the words of surrender came out from her mouth, I know that she already accepted her son's fate. 

"Ugh! My head hurts!" I exclaimed while touching my head. I can't focus on what I'm doing. Instead of putting my attention on making my student's grades,  I'm thinking about my student, Angelo Cambri. 

What will happem to him? Will they execute him also? 

I feel distraught just by thinking about my student. I can't believe that he has to suffer this kind of things in a young age. He is supposed to be in his home today, staying with his mother, but now he is inside a jail, alone and lonely, or maybe being beaten up by the Capital's police.

The ringtone of my phone stopped me from thinking more things. I looked at the screen and found out that Dhaile is the one who's calling. 

I smiled and didn't answer the call. I let my phone ring until it stopped. 

Seconds after the ringing ended, Dhaile called me again. I just laughed and click the red button.

She called me once again but just like earlier, I didn't answer the call.  I'm sure Dhaile is now angry sick. 

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5," I counted while having a small smile in my face.

"4, 3, 2, 1."

Someone kicked the door of my house that create a loud bang noise.

"You bitch!" a familiar voice shouted. I turned around to see her.

"Hi bitch," I greeted her back.

She walks towards me with her meeting eyebrows. She is clenching her fists and stomping her feet heavily. She stopped walking when she is already infront of me but the death stare remains.

"Why aren't you answering my calls, huh? Woman?" Dhaile asked with a raucous voice.

"Relax, Dhaile," I laughed after saying that words. "Your ears are turning red! HAHAHAHA!" I laughed once again. Just by seeing Dhaile's frustrating face, I can't help but to laugh loudly. 

Her eyes became smaller like she is looking at someone that makes her mad. She is also gritting her teeth. 

"Okay, I'm gonna stop now," I said and then  holds my laughter. Well, I can see that Dhaile is dead serious now for she doesn't reacted like a child like what she is usually doing before.

"Are you done?" Dhaile asked with her normal voice.

"Yup," I nodded while I answered her. 

"Okay," she pushed my waist using her butt so that she can sit on the same chair I'm sitting.

"Hey! You can just use the other chairs! I have plenty of them," I exclaimed at her since the two of us can't sit comfortably on one chair. 

"Whatever," she replied while rolling her eyes.

"Are you mad?" I asked her using my childish voice. "Sorry," I hugged her. Well now I know that Dhaile called me because of something important. 

"Next time, just answer my call. Load is too expensive nowadays," she answered without hugging me back. 

"By the way, why did you call me?" I asked and go back to what I'm doing earlier.

"Well, today is Saturday," she said. 

"Yeah. I know it's Saturday. What's the matter?" 

"It seems like you forgot something," she replied. 

I stopped typing on the keyboard.

"Huh? Is there a school event today?" I asked. I don't really have an idea what she is talking about. I looked at my schedule earlier when I woke up and I'm sure that there's nothing important today. My schedule said that all I have to do for Saturday is to make my student's grade.

"Girl, it's obvious that you forgot about it. Last time, Unah said that we're going to her house this Saturday for we're gonna continue our chitchat," she explained. "About the LGBT punishment, remember?"

"Oh," I said when I already remember what she is talking about. "I'm sorry. I forgot about it. I was just doing several things last time that I forgot to put it on my schedule," I answered.

"Okay, now that you remember it, fux yourself and we are going to Unah's house," she commanded while pushing me to the comfort room. 

"We're going now? But it is still seven in the morning!" I protested.

"We need to go there early. I don't want to make Unah wait. Actually, she said that she will be the one who will give our food. So we will stay in her house until afternoon. Now, move," Dhaile said and pushed me inside the comfort room. 

"Okay, okay. Calm down. I'm going to get my clothes," I said but Dhaile stopped me.

"No. I'll get those clothes for you. All you have to do is to take a bath. Make it fast, okay?" she said and then closed the door. I hear her footsteps to my room. I heard her opened the door. 

I just don't mind it and started taking a shower.


"Hi Unah!" Dhaile and I greeted her when we are infront of her house.

"Hi Casy! Hi Dhaile! Please come inside," Unah said while leading us inside her house.

"Woah," Dhaile reacted when we are finally inside Unah's house.

"Just sit on the couch. I'll get some food for you," Unah told us and leave me and Dhaile in the living room.

"Hey, Dhaile. You're too amaze. Is this your first time seeing a large house?" I asked her while she is exploring her sight inside Unah's house. 

"Actually no, but I'm amazed for I didn't expect the Unah's house is this beautiful," she replied.

"Well, unlike you, I already expected this," I said.

"Huh? Why?" 

"Dhaile, Unah is one of the Superior teachers in FNHS. Of course she is getting a high salary compared to us," I answered.

"You have a point, but still it's amazing for me. I want a house like this," Dhaile said.

I hear footsteps coming to us. I turned my sight to my right side and I saw Unah holding a tray of food. 

"Here's your food. I bet you didn't eat your breakfast since you came early," Unah said. 

The doorbell rang and Unah rushes to opem the gate. 

"I bet that's Kate," Dhaile said and extend her arms to get some food.

I tapped her hand. 

"Why?" she asked.

"Can't you just wait for the others to come so that we can eat together?" I asked her back.

"But I'm already hungry!" she exclaimed.

"Your tummy can wait, oh, here's Kate," I said when I saw Unah and Kate entering the house. "Hi Kate!" I greeted her with a smile.

"Hi Kate!" Dhaile greeted her also.

"Hello to all of you," she smiled to us back.

"Take a sit," Unah said to her before she went back to the kitchen. Maybe she is going to get foods for Kate. 

Kate looked at me, worried. I don't know why she is looking at me like that.

"Kate? What's the matter?" I asked her.

"Are you okay?" 

I was shocked because of her question. Her voice became so soft and sweet. This is the unusual of her.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What makes you think that I'm not okay?" I asked her.

"I know what happened to your student, Mr. Cambri. I heard the conversation of Madam Principal and Mrs. Avena," Kate said.

"Oh, about that."

Actually, I already forgot that when Dhaile went to my house, but since Kate said it again, I feel guilty again.

"I failed to save him," I said with a low voice.

"It's not your fault. General Cleofas is just too inconsiderate and hungry for power," Kate said.

"Uhm, guys? Mind telling me what happened?" Dhaile asked.

I looked at her. "I'm gonna tell you about that later."

"Casy," Kate touches and caress my shoulder. "Again, it's not your fault. You tried to help. Besides, the mother of your students isn't mad at you anyway. Don't worry about that."

"But that child will die," I said.

"We can't control that anymore. In this country, we are just the followers. We can do nothing but to follow orders."

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