I feel like I've been hit by ten thousand bolts of lightening and I still get to survive it miraculously. My eyes feel so heavy as I try to pry my eyes open but the blinding light won't let my poor eyes open in peace.

What's happening? Where am I?

"Daisy! Daisy!"

I heard a voice call me in a sing song manner. Why does this voice sound familiar? Gosh, my head hurts.

"Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Wakey wakey." the female voice said as I struggled to open my eyes. Why do I feel so faint?

"Who's this?" my voice came out weak and hoarse.

"Your worst nightmare." I heard the voice laugh at me.

This bitch

Immediately my eyes fly open ready to prolong this bitch suffering only to find out my hands are tied to the roof.

This bitch is really digging her grave.

I f

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Raven Smith
Love the book.. but for being 23 Daisy seems a little childish. Especially with her comebacks and her banter with her friends. Seems more like she’s 15 than in her early 20’s. It’s a little off putting.

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