My Hybrids

My Hybrids

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Daisy King, a bright and bold student fresh out of college ready to conquer the business world moveS to New York for an interview. If only she knew one interview will change her whole life meeting the daring and dominating twins. Damon and Damian, now her bosses. A whole new world unfolds as she finds herself in turmoil between love and hate, secrets unfold and powers beyond her imagination. Have you ever wondered if what you see in movies walk and live amongst humans. Journey with Daisy on an epic ride to the supernatural world.

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"Holy crap, it's my first day and I'm so going to be late. Why did I have to listen to Jerry when he invited me to that stupid club to celebrate for getting a job I'm yet to grab and now traffic is trying to punish me for my sins." I thought aloud while honking furiously at a careless driver. Jerry is my best friend whom I met years back during my vacation to see my grandparents in West Africa after high school vacation. Since then we've been such a powerful Duo even though he can be annoying most times but I still love him. Speak of the devil calling. "Hi Jer!" I say exasperated as I put the call on speaker pulling into the car park properly. I took my bag and phone running towards the reception like a wild Goose. "OK, can we conclude this talk later before I get fired without starting this job." I whisper yelled at him, hanging up not bothered to hear his reply nor his other comments before.  
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 Jerry’s POV “Hold up, hold up, hold up!  Dai Bae are you telling me that you don’t have only one but Two Sexy Greek gods as your bosses? now that's unfair. How am I supposed to compete with them?" I whined playfully which makes Daisy giggle. "Please kindly tell me when my time will no longer be needed so it won't hurt much because this morning I'm pretty sure you didn't hear what I said during the call. You haven't even started and you already blocking me out, not fair." I pouted, this time Daisy punched me. I tried hiding her effort to hurt me through her punches by not laughing hard.Chill if she has two bosses that means double trouble and last time I checked, Daisy is not really good at anger management classes, no offence to her but she better last. As much as my Bestie is efficient and tedious she hates arrogant rich boys, anyway fingers crossed as she snapped her fingers alerting me
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 Daisy’s POV “Arghhhhhhh!” I screamed awake bolting up from my bed. OK I’m still in my room, instinctively I raised my hands to my neck which is still intact. Check. Now why will I dream about my bosses and why will they bite me plus they looked like beasts. I nervously thought of such a dream. 7:00am my alarm beep, I groaned replaying what Damian said concerning my daily arrivals. Time to show them they've got the right girl as a PA running through my morning routine.I look at the lady in the mirror smiling, admiring her light brown skin, pink lips, cute blouse with a high waist pencil knee skirt and black stiletto. You know that feeling you take to look confident and beautiful, I think that's what I'm busy doing. Giving a once over look, I match towards my first day with a smile on my face."Oh so you got in, never knew you had it in you to secure such a high position for a girl like you, no offe
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Damian It was almost lunch break, I’m hungry and so is Damon. An idea pop up on my mind and just thinking about it makes me smile.“Hey Bro, you up for lunch?”“Yeah, I’m so hungry. I think the success we made with Mr. Yuri took a toll on me, what can I say, sheer happiness." Damon replies."Oh well, I'm thinking we should invite Daisy for lunch or should we just go to the cafeteria and eat with her so we wont overwhelm her." I ask."Cafeteria it is." as he stood up wearing his suit. "Do you know how hard it is to block that jasmine rosy scent? Darius is all scratchy and hard to control when he's around her.""Guess our staffs are in for a shock seeing us at the cafeteria.""Things we do for our mate Bro."With that we pause the days work, shutting our laptops and striding towards a wonderful lunch with our mate. As we got closer, her scent gets stronger. 
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Damon For some weeks now Daisy have purposely avoided our paths crossing. It’s either during meetings at the office which she immediately leaves without a glance or at the conference hall where she always has an excuse to leave before either of us complete the name "Jack Robinson". And to make it worse, her clothes which clings to her body elegantly plus the sway of her hips with each movement is not helping matters for my below the belt faculty. "Oh Daisy what will I do without you in our lives. You can run but you cant hide." I whisper waiting for Damian to wrap up his call with the technicians. Speak of the Little mate, she hurried towards the elevator and unluckily for her, the private elevator is broken so whats better than to enjoy the moment with her alone. I nudged Damian who got the picture as we made our way to our ride with smiles plastered on out faces.Just as the door was closing, Damian put a
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They twins left shortly with their beta as they cancelled their meetings for the day heading home to discuss more pressing matters. They stopped at their building waiting for their beta who drove behind them, owning the last floor to one of their buildings which is a pent house. The three men majestically waltz into the building having the aura of gods with the sex ooze. People gave way for them, whispering started, everyone just couldn't get their eyes off these fine specimen. Women lusting over their body, men feeling intimidated by these powerful men. The twins were used to this feeble human lust and cravings so why not give them a show every time as they went towards the private elevator.Ding*"Now cut the crap and tell us what's the matter." Damon's booming echoed as he opened a bottle of expensive wine."I haven't even settled and you're throwing questions my way, is that how your momma taught you to treat your gues
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Twin's POV"Bryan, do keep an eye on Daisy, her every move, her meetings, where she goes. I don't want a single detail to be left out." Damon voice to his driver and bodyguard who is a werewolf as they drove towards their private jet."I can't believe we are leaving our baby girl. I wish she knows about us and probably follows us home." Damian says sadly."Yeah sooner we get this done better for us, I can't wait for our date with her. I just hope she accepts us."They twins have planned for an exquisite dinner date where they can ask her out properly. What humans do as formalities."Why not, as much as she's trying to hide it; her heart says otherwise. I just feel she's scared of her feelings and doesn't know how to express it, that's all." Damon's phones flashes."If you say so, I better not find Jacob or any male essence around her by the time we are bac
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Twins POVIt has been days since they last heard from their mate apart from the office calls or important fax mails. So far, she is taking care of the company during their absence and they are so proud of her.Plans have been set, training of their both clan warriors have began and right now they're ready to pack their stuffs back to the human world. Funny enough they can't believe it took them a month to actually set a date with Daisy, at the back of their thoughts they just hope it goes well."Hey babies, can you get down when you're done packing. I got some fruit appetizers in the living room for you before you leave." Mum said poking her head in their room. "Can't wait, you spoil us too much mum and I, we will miss this." Damian gets close to hug her before she takes her leave with a bright smile."I'll miss you both so much, just get down so we can spend quality
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Hmm this smells like heaven; bacon, egg and toast waft pass my nostrils. Hold on... Why does my bed feels so soft and have a masculine cologne just like my bosses scent. Sighing delightfully, If this is a dream I am not ready to wake-up yet. Groaning at the slight slight migraine building up, why does my head hurt so bad? Addy! Jakey!! Omg I saw my bosses in my dreams looking all fine and sexy in denims and polo shirts, I even danced with them and how our bodies fit in the perfect rhythm. Colls and the fight in the Club. Club! Wait! It is not a dream. It all happened last night. I bolt up from the bed.My gaze eyes the cheek surroundings all around me. "Wow. This place is beautiful but first where am I?" Clutching my head in pains mumbling the words out. "I'm so not having alcohol or going clubbing anytime soon, my head hurts so bad." Whining, rubbing my temple."You should have thought of the aftermath before you let loose."
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Daisy's POVJust thinking of my weekend with the twins was so amazing, they actually kept to their word surprisingly but that didn't mean they couldn't get stolen kisses and tease me most times, getting me all hot and bothered. After I woke up, we went shopping upon my disapproval which got to deaf ears, then my favorite chocolate ice-cream at the mall, never knew they were that famous with a hell of paparazzi at our tail but thankfully our disguise saved my ass from getting into one of those gossip magazines. Sadly, I'm back to reality without them after work today; but trust me I won't let them notice I cracked. Experience is the best teacher. And I definitely don't want to prove that saying. So I'm right in the middle of this twins driving to work. Ha! Jokes on them since they wouldn't let me out of their sight creating a rare smile on my face.Hmm enjoy it while you can Daisy."Care to s
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