Twin's Father pov

I know my sons are in grief but it's time they wake up and find their mate before I lose all of them. I followed their scents into the forest which directed me to the water fall I never thought I'll see again.

Where I mated Izbelle

Memories came flooding through my mind of how we always snuck out and met here for our rendezvous. I shifted back to my human form, making cackling noises with tree trunks and falling branches to alert their hybrids I come in peace. It's more harder to tame their beast than their human. If they heard me, they didn't react to my movements until I came straight at the edge of the trees facing the waterfall. There my sons were. Dimitri lay on his paws looking at the sparkling water and Darius sat up beside his brother alert to protect him looking at the water. I sighed.

"Darius... Dimitri" They both snap th

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