Chapter fourteen

The ceremony took longer than I thought or maybe it was a horny me being impatient because no matter how hard I tried my eyes kept going back the handsome man in a white suit, like seriously who looks that good dressed and looks even better without clothes, and the bustard knew he was teasing me because now, and then he will look at me with that sexy knowing smirk, and I shivered knowing Today, it's the day he will take care of I and my needs, that Today, it's the day I'm going to feel that huge cock inside I and my cock twitched and i groaned because Now, I made myself even hornier, I wish I can command all Of them to leave right now, but to my luck I saw a white suit descending the stairs and I almost ran after him but as an alpha I had to say my goodbyes first before I can actually go to my mate

I took two stairs at the time going on the third floor and the smell of rum and lavender filled my nostrils as I enter our bedroom finding my mate on the bed naked, and I couldn't help it I growled in approval loving what I saw, and it was such a side seeing that chocolate body on display, I started undressing in a rush probably lost few buttons in the process, as I rushed to get closer to the beauty on the bed

"Fuck you're very handsome" I growled when I got closer

"I know" he said, smirking, "Now come here, so I can taste you and get you out of your misery"

I jumped on the bed placing myself between his thighs and groaned as our cocks rubbed together and I placed my lips on his plump ones, and sighed when tasting my mate after longing for him for the whole day and I knew he felt the same way even though he was playing hard to get and teasing me the whole day

I kissed my mark on his neck causing him to groan, and his cock to twitch beneath me and the friction was deliciously addictive and I knew it right then that I can't live without this man I loved him more than I loved myself and wherever he goes I will follow and I'm his for life, and my wolf growled in approval

He flipped us over, and for the first time since we met he was dominate and I loved the change in his character and I couldn't wait for my mate to take control and for him to take care of me, he kissed my neck going to his mark making me groan as he went down to my chest leaving wet kisses all over, and he pitched my nipple making them hard and my cock to get ever harder and I swear I was going to cum just from his kisses

He went down slowly placing wet kisses everywhere, he went to my thighs and kissed me in between them, nipping as he got closer to my cock and  i writhe underneath him, he lifted my legs as his kisses went to my hole and felt his tongue circle it, and I groaned loudly, feeling  the sensation that was overwhelming good, and I took notes also to at least know that it felt good when I'm doing it to Adam

But when his tongue penetrated me I was a groaning mess I couldn't even stay still as he fucked me with his tongue until I came hard as my seed flew to my stomach

He inserted a finger after making sure  it was slick with my come and the fullness of it was amazing, and I needed more but I didn't realize how I was going to feel when he hit my sensitive prostate, and I screamed because it was deliciously overwhelming, and I was very glad all the rooms in the pack house was soundproof Because I screamed, groaned and growled when he massaged my prostate

"So good, so fucken good" I said, coming yet again and I came about four times after he inserted the second finger, every time he massaged my prostate I couldn't hold it  I came within seconds, and that made him groan loving the effect, he had on me, I was already a mess, and he hasn't even filled me with his cock yet

He stood up and placed him self between my thighs and positioned himself on my hole, and he went down, and he kissed me hard distracting me as he pushed in me and it hurt for a second before I felt the fullness of his cock inside me and I loved the feeling of him inside me so much I felt teary, I felt like we were one I wish I could stay like that forever, he started moving, and I groaned as he hit my prostate over and over again 

"So full baby, so good" I practically growled the words

"You like it? You like my huge cock inside you?" He growled the words in my ear while penetrating and destroying my prostate!

I couldn't even talk, I just growled in approval

Every time He pushed into me and it hit my prostate, I felt like I was coming over and over again I swear I had no seed left for me to cum but I still felt my high again and again until I got unconscious and I felt pathetic for an alpha getting overwhelmed with so much pleasure

"I didn't like it I fucken love it" I said  the next morning when he asked me worried if he gave it to me good enough.

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