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It's like having your own type,nobody judges when a white woman is only attracted to black man or when a black woman is attracted to only white guys,we all have our own type the only difference is that my type have the same genitals as me.nobody judges when you're not in blondes or red heads but when you get attracted to the same sex all hell break loose. I'm attracted to you Dave, whether I only known you for hours or days I like you and time won't change that.

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Quick and easy to read enjoyed it
2022-01-03 05:05:29
user avatar
Tater Tot
I loved this book is was a really nice read
2021-06-08 05:14:23
user avatar
Lisa Fox
good book really in joy read it
2021-05-18 02:09:50
user avatar
Ellinor Forsgren
love it but the ending came too quik
2021-01-10 17:21:49
user avatar
Steffanie Cook
great read, well written
2021-01-02 13:50:23
user avatar
Jun Delo Santos
2020-12-30 15:25:07
user avatar
Ana Liliana Mihai
I love it so much
2020-10-22 11:04:10
user avatar
Inno cent
2020-10-11 01:57:34
user avatar
Samantha Isaacs
interesting story of love
2020-09-03 14:19:05
user avatar
Chummychoco Stella
nice story please continue.
2020-08-03 21:36:59
default avatar
Fun to read.
2020-07-25 09:34:21
user avatar
Kathrine kayz
Hot, hot, hot as f**k
2020-06-14 04:37:22
user avatar
It'z Preshy Gold
nice book really enjoyed it
2021-12-12 03:38:29
user avatar
Michelle Hart
Really good story line. Spell check and grammar check needs to be more thorough though.
2021-01-21 06:30:29
20 Chapters
Chapter one
I was happy not because it's my birthday but because I get to go home after four years of alpha training, I get to see my father a man of few words, but I knew how much he loves and care for me and my mother, ow my dear mother I missed her the most and I'm glad I will finally have my family nearby.I and my beta has been here for four years, our parents were already on their way to fetch us, so, I woke up quickly and went to our shared bathroom, they were only boys here, and we shared a bathroom talk about no privacy, but we got used to it  within days of us being here, I'm not even shy to go naked to the bathroom that was down the hall anymore, when I got there, I had a
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Chapter two
"Son let's go before we are late for your birthday/coming home party because your mother will probably kill me" said my father getting me out of my hazeI disconnected my eyes from Adams and looked at my father and gave him a small nod, I took my bag and put in the truck, and when I turned to look at him for one last time, he was gone, I saw the blue Mercedes he was standing next to driving away, the smell of rum and lavender still lingering in the air, and I took one last whiff of it and got in the truck, and it drove away
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Chapter three
When we got to the pack territories the were three gray wolf's on patrol, when they saw our car they smiled and bowed their heads, knowing their young alpha has come back home, they allowed the car to cross in to the territory and the was no-one in side, but the pack looked exactly like the way I left it four years ago and I shook my head in disapproval knowing it's my father's fault the man hates change and I tried hard not to think about how his going to react when he finds out about my mate The first building you see is of a big warehouse owned by my father, that's where omegas were manufacturing wooden furniture, kitchen cabinets, wooden floor pallets, and mahogany d
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Chapter four
It's been a week since I last saw my mate, and sleep has eluded me, the strain of separation has torn my peace of mind in to pieces, and the worry that he hasn't even tried to communicate with me nor did I too him, is worrisome I was awakened from thoughts by the sound on my door"Son are you awake? We need to talk it's important" my father said from the doorway!"Yes  dad will be out in a minute, I will meet you in
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Chapter five
The car ride was quiet because I was alone in the back seat and too nervous to even join their conversation, while my father and his beta were together in the front seat of his truck talking, but I was too distracted to hear their conversation, I looked outside at the passing trees and by the looks of it we were going to be in their territory in about fifteen minutes.I looked at the outfit I picked out, a white dress shirt with a black skinny jean paired with a white converse making my pale skin look  more alive, I hope I look good! 
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Chapter six
He kissed my neck making the tingle spark like electricity going throughout my body, and he bit me a little making me groan!"Adam people are staring!" I whined!He growled, and looked around angry
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Chapter seven
The next morning we cleaned each other in the shower, and I gave him a blow job, and he returned it before we went to the meeting with me wearing his clothes that seemed to fit to loosely because he was more muscular than IThe other alphas were already waiting for us and  it made me blush  red because they all probably knew what happened yesterday, and Adam was lucky to have dark skin because even if he blushed his skin hid it well, so, we just went to our sit and the meeting begun
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Chapter eight
He took me to the woods where we both shifted into our black wolf's and I followed him as we ran and ran and ended up at the lake, and I found a picnic already set up meaning he already requested the omega's to do it for us"Adam" I smirked at him, I only thought you were an uptight ass, but you proved me wrong yet again, you're also romantic and probably cheesy as hell and please I don't want to find flowers when I open the basket" I said, laughing
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Chapter nine
When I finally woke up it was dark outside, and I was naked and the memories of what we did kicked in, and I blushed and touched my neck to feel his mark and I it tingled and i smiled I can believe we actually had sex in the woods at noon and fell asleep thereafter, what if someone saw us and then thought of my father came to mind "damn it" we were supposed to leave today, I turned and saw my handsome mate, sleeping peacefully"Adam baby, wake up its already late"
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Chapter ten
When we went back to pack house everyone was already waiting for us and my father was glaring at me with good reason I should think, I just bowed my head to show submission because I know I was wrong, and he never leaves my mother for more than 48 hours and it was all my faultMy father opened the car door signaling me to go in and Adam glared and growled, I squeezed his hand and gave him peck on the lips and whispered in his ears "see you soon my love"
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