Chapter sixteen

I'm not stupid I saw how Derek  keeps on looking at my mate who is oblivious to it all, I wish I can kill him,  I and my wolf are always on edge around him, his got this dark aura about him but Dave doesn't seem to see it or his simply ignoring the fact

I was going to the training ground were Dave and my warriors were training  making all of them our warriors, because our pack combined a week ago, and our pack name changed to Sacred silver pack
And as promised everyone kept the peace for our sake and the rogues haven't attacked for a while now, I don't know if it's good or bad that they haven't come yet

I saw Derek sitting on the bench on the training ground literally staring at my mate training, and this past days, I've just endured it but Today, I was tired and my wolf took over and  growled loudly displaying its alpha power making everyone stopped training and looking at me

He stood up and smirked, taunting me to see what I would do and I fell for his trick like a fish on a hook, i rushed to him and choked him lifting him from the ground, and he, and and I felt, Dave, hand on me that's when I snapped out of the trance I was in

"Baby let him go now!" his voice was soft but laced with anger and disappointment

I let go of him hesitantly and the look he gave me made me shiver and not in a good way

"baby listen to me he was staring at you and when he saw me he licked his lips and smirked"

"Baby I told you not to do this again people will always look, are you going kill all my pack members because they stared at me?"

"But that's not the same thing, you just don't see what I'm seeing, and it frustrates me" and I turned and left them going into the forest and shifted needing the fresh air, but not before I corrected the asshole!

"It's our pack now, not only yours"

I don't know how long I have been running, but by the time I stopped at the river it was dark outside, I drank water and went back to the pack house that's when I had the worst pain ever and I'm an alpha I can handle pain but my stomach felt like I have been burned by charcoal from the inside out

I rushed in the house by using the back door and went straight to the bedroom to find Dave, but he was not there and the pain got worse, I tried mind linking him but it was blocked and the house was empty meaning all the pack members were asleep I followed his scent, and I was surprised it leads me to Derek room that's when I heard moaning and groaning I opened the door to see Derek on top of a groaning Dave riding him, he turned and smirked at me

I was shattered, that's why he always defended him, I thought, he was being ignorant meanwhile they been having an affair, and I didn't even realize it, I turned and left the room and went straight to our room, and curled up fetus style until the pain ceased but the one in my heart was so heavy, and I felt shattered, I cried myself to sleep thinking

The only person I gave everything to, betrayed me and that thought broke me even worse.

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