"Baby get ready, we leaving in fifteen minutes"

"I swear we only need ten minutes and I'm all lubed up and ready for you"

"Not again Adam we can't attend another meeting smelling like sex, if it wasn't for the fact that we are the biggest and strongest pack in the world those barsturds will have probably burned us from attending all alpha meetings"

"But I'm horny and I want that long cock inside of me otherwise, I'm not moving from this office" he whined

"Fine, but just ten minutes then we going and no more whining in the car, and no more blow job in front of Cullen you making the poor man uncomfortable"

"I won't whine if your cock is in my mouth the whole way" he smirked

"Nope, I won't let another driver quit because of your lack of restraint"

"Fine hurry" he said, pulling his suit pants down and bending on my desk showing me that tight ass I love so much, I unzipped my pants letting them drop on the floor and positioned my cock on his already willing hole

"Fuck" I groaned when I felt that hot sensation of my cock filling him balls deep "damn it baby I can stay like this for the rest of our life"

He groaned agreeing before I start pulling half-way out, and pushing back in with a full force making my mahogany desk move and Adam scream curses and groans


I went faster and faster that's when the knock on the door came, and I paused


pushing his ass back making me go deeper and I groaned and started going faster and faster while I took his cock in my hand and stroking it, he growled as his cum filled my hand and I did the same., but the person at the door was still persistent

I pulled out took the wipes in my desk drawer and wiped myself then Adam, and we dressed, and I went to open the door

"Daddy were you wrestling again?"

Fuck I thought "Yes, honey and what did I tell you about coming to my office alone?"

"But mama send me, and she told to tell you to stop having sex and go to the meeting the driver is waiting"

"Daddy what is sex?"

Adam smirked while he tried to answer " it's  when papa, and daddy-"

"Shut up Adam, Luis papa will tell you when you get older and find your mate" I said, narrowing my eyes to the giggling Adam

Luis was our son we adopted him a little over two years ago after me and Adam got married we decided to be his parents, I knew, he was going to make us happy, and we sure learned a lot about being parents like  learning to lock the doors when we had sex

And  that child saw the most compromising things, that's when I told him I was teaching Adam to wrestle, so he kill those rogues that killed his parents, and he was happy it's  so easy  being a child.

"Daddy, me and mommy are going to the movies to see the lion king" he said, jumping up and down that pup was full of energy

"Okay, but me and your papa are going to come back late from the meeting, but we promise to come give you a good night kiss when we come back okay?"

"Okay bye" he said, running out!

I don't know how we managed to have such a loving complete family but every time I look at Adam I'm thankful he woke up that day in hospital and manage to forgive my sorry ass and as for Derek, let me just say Adam was very angry after I told him everything and you know his temper he killed him the next day, and  my father finally confessed that Derek was his mate but by the time he found out he was married and had a young pup me, and he had to reject Derek 

My mother was angry for about a month, but she forgave him after a month of him begging her to come back to their room, I never seen my father look so sad in my life and I had to beg my mother on his behalf we all knew what he did was wrong but Derek was no saint also

Later we found out that after Derek told his father about being rejected by my father that's when he recruited rogues to attack both the packs to avoid suspicion, but after Adam killed Derek they disappeared the same night, and our warriors are still searching for them

Other than that me and Adam are still happy together we fight now and then, and we still have a healthy sex life and never in my life would I have thought I would have another alpha as my mate, but I wouldn't trade him for anything 


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