Epilogue 2

"Hello, a sudden plan. So I will be off for one month. Can you manage everything without me?" Sandy asked in a call while Annie blinked to see whether he is serious or not.

"Thanks then" with that he winked at her while she smiled brightly. In recent days, they were rarely spending time with each other and this created a great impact in her mind.

"Let's just stay in our home in our room. In our bed full-day," he whispered making her gape at him. She thought that he is planning a vacation. But she sure liked this idea of his small honeymoon.


"Anu, I am warning you. Drink this before I compel you" his voice made everyone to assemble already in the hall.

"What are you doing Arya?" Niharika calmly spoke to him. The relationship between them can't be so sweet. But still, now both started growing somewhat close and everyone liked this bond.


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