Chapter Three

Mr. Porter stood behind Connor and I, clearing his voice and removing Connor's arm from my chair.

Thanks teach.

"I assume you both are making progress?"

Connor and I nodded, glancing up at Mr. Porter. 

He smiled down at us, "Good. Keep an eye on this one Elizabeth. I trust you two will work fine together." 

With that, he walked on to the next students. Connor leaned in, a little too close for comfort.

"I never really liked that guy. I don't see what most people see, he's not even that great of a teacher." 

I faced Connor for the first time while we were sitting here, and that was the biggest mistake I could have made. Our faces were so close that we could feel each other's breath on our faces. His eyes were beautiful pools of water that I could just dive right in and-

"Elizabeth? Liz? Hello?" 

Connor snapped his fingers in my face, breaking me out of my trance. "Sorry." 

He chuckled, his face still dangerously close. He knew what he was doing, and he wasn't going to stop.

"Are you jealous of Mr. Porter?" 

Connor backed away and laughed, loudly.

"I'm serious, are you? Cause all the girls swoon over him instead of you?"

Connor shook his head, "I can get any girl I want, alright? I don't have to worry about a teacher getting in my way."

After Connor described to me the many times he even got the female teachers to let him do whatever just because he could charm them, I was ready to leave, but that wasn't an option. Instead, I started talking with the people in the desks in front of us.

"So are you going to soccer tryouts after school today, Elizabeth?" 

I nodded my head while doodling on my piece of paper. The person started going on about how they were hoping for a soccer scholarship and all college things, but my attention was more focused on the boy sitting next to me. He leaned over to me once more, but this time his face was almost in the crook of my neck, giving me a tickling feeling.

"You know what's really hot? The thought of you in less clothes than you're wearing right now, all sweaty, out of breath. Brings another image to mind, really turns me on."

Part of me was into him, begging me to stay and see how far this could go. The smarter part of me pushed him away though. I stood up, picking up my stuff, and starting to leave class. 

"You're disgusting."

More of the day passed and eventually it was lunch time. I went through the line of kids, grabbing all that great processed cafeteria food, then finding a seat next to Ellie. I was excited to have a simple lunch with my best friend and just discuss everything that's been happening this first day of school. Although, Connor decided he'd be a distraction during this time too. I swear to god, that boy just doesn't give up.

There was brand new news roaming around the cafeteria, and in about 3.26 minutes, everyone in the room knew.

Connor freaking Owens got Melanie Perez to sleep with him.

I hate to admit it, but the boy works fast. According to all the rumors, they just did it in the guy's locker room. Ellie turned to me, still chomping on a carrot stick.

"Oh my god, Liz, we're next. I can't do it, I'm going to break, I'm too easy."

I grabbed hold of her shoulders and shook her lightly, "You are not easy, calm yourself woman! We are going to be fine, because we are strong, independent women who don't need a man."

Ellie rested her head in her hands, "No, I'm not, but you are! If I give in, and I'm serious, you have to make it through high school without giving in. For me, for all of us girls that he's taken advantage of." 

I gave her a look of disappointment, "You're speaking like you've already lost this battle. You'll be fine, just stay strong and ignore him the best you can."

Just as I finished my sentence, a tray was put down on the table directly across from us. Connor took a seat, looking between Ellie and I. 

"Who are you ignoring? It's me, isn't it?"

I rolled my eyes, going back to eating the cardboard pizza. It was silent for a few moments, that is until Connor decided that he'd try to impress us.

"I'm guessing you both heard about Melanie. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself." 

I covered my face with my hands after Ellie let out a giggle. She's hopeless.

"You're really trying to speed through this thing, aren't ya?" 

Connor shrugged his shoulders, smirking at Ellie. He knew he could get her next, and he was doing just that. 

I lightly kicked Ellie's foot under the table, "Hey Ellie, could you go get me a straw?"

She gave me a confused look but went with it. As soon as I knew she was far enough away, I leaned over the table towards Connor. 

"Why are you doing this? Do you have commitment issues or something, cause seriously, this is ridiculous."

He smirked, leaning in as well, "I just know what I want, and what I want is you." 

I rolled my eyes. I've been way too close to this boy way too many times already this year. 

"I think it'd be good for you to know, I don't do things with guys until I know they can last in a long term relationship." 

He pouted a bit, "So you're saying you won't get with me unless I could prove to you that I'm able to have a relationship?"

"Something like that, yeah."

Ellie came back, passing me the straw and glancing between Connor and I. "Did I miss something?" 

I was about to say nothing at all, but Connor beat me to it. 

"Elizabeth was actually giving me some great advice. I have a question for you." 

Ellie slowly sat next to me, "Sure."

"I know it doesn't seem like it, but I really want to slow down and be with one person. You don't have to say yes or anything, but would you be interested in going steady with me, Ellie?

Not only did my jaw drop, but anyone who was close enough to overhear ourconversation had their mouths wide open. Hearing him ask my best friend outhurt me a little bit, but I knew that was just me being a typical girl.

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