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What are the chances that your dream guy would stop at nothing just to be with you for one night?Elizabeth Morgan had plenty of chances, but the dream guy chasing for her had one flaw. He just so happened to be a major fuckboy. Connor Owens had one goal for his senior year, and that was to have slept with each girl at least once in their grade. Not only was he going to stop at nothing to be with Elizabeth for one night, but also the entire female portion of his class. Elizabeth also had a goal, which was to not give in to Connor's charming ways. She ends up with more of a challenge than she was hoping for as she becomes the final target on Connor's list.

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36 Chapters
You know those guys in your school? Not the normal ones, but the fuckboys? Yeah, those ones. If you don't know those guys, then you may just not know the meaning of the term fuckboy .Generally, a fuckboy is actually an attractive, funny guy. Usually you wouldn't want to admit it, but everyone knows it, even h
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Chapter One
My name's Elizabeth Morgan, I'm 17 and a senior at Hillside High. If you didn't catch on, I live in this town called Hillside. We have lots of hills, and it's the most boring place I've ever lived. I don't recommend it to anyone.Anyways, back to the important stuff and the real reason why you're reading this.
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Chapter Two
I was right so far. Everyone was sitting or grouped up around their desks, talking about Brooklynn. They were discussing why, when, and how she gave up her body to him. It was sick kind of, that people all knew the details. I honestly felt bad for her, but at the same time, I wanted to see how she was taking all this attention. She was in the other homeroom though, so I'd have to see in our first class.
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Chapter Three
Mr. Porter stood behind Connor and I, clearing his voice and removing Connor's arm from my chair.Thanks teach.
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Chapter Four
If you didn't already guess, Ellie said yes. She's so hopeless at this point, I had to stop fighting for her and just focus on myself. After she said yes, Connor and Ellie both ran off to do who knows what for the last few minutes of lunch. I chose to ignore everyone for the rest of the day until it came time for my final work period.I went into the library l
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Chapter Five
I changed into my practice clothes for soccer, fixed my hair up into a ponytail, then started heading to the weight room. Before entering, I took a deep breath. I wasn't sure what I was going to be getting myself into, but I knew it wasn't what I was imagining this morning.I walked down the small set of stairs, a group of four boys coming into view. I saw Con
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Chapter Six
After we had finished up bowling, it was about 7:30 at night and my mom was bugging me about being home for dinner. Connor laughed, but understood and got all the guys to start finishing up. I had turned in my shoes and was heading for my car when Connor yelled out my name again.I turned to see him running up to me, "We should do something tomorrow as well. I
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Chapter Seven
Ellie was sure to find me quickly when it came lunch time. She sat directly across from me, slamming her tray down along with herself. "What the hell are you telling Connor? Why does he all of a sudden want to sleep with me directly after I tell you he doesn't?" 
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Chapter Eight
We both met up in the gym where the boys were."Hey Connor... and Elizabeth. What, are you two going to be like, best friends or something?"
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Chapter Nine
I woke up, dragging myself out of the bed, face first. Immediately, I found my way to the bathroom and did my business, changing into proper clothes for the day. I ran down the steps, finding some random package of pop tarts for breakfast. Yelling a goodbye to my mother and father, I headed out for work.After a peaceful 25 minute drive, I arrived at the Targe
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