Chapter Thirty Five

Ellie and I were preparing for the party, and much to my dismay, Ellie wouldn't allow me to wear what I was wearing to school. Something about, "Even though you're going to break up with Connor, doesn't mean you have to look like garbage while doing it." I went along with Ellie, trying my best to take my mind off of things.

I changed into another pair of darke

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Tiffany schramm
wtf really that's his it ended? it says it's the end.. not serialized... um so I'm assuming they stayed together? I hate when they don't tell u I'm so pissed...
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Jennifer Rain Walters
that's a BS ending js
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Stephanie Hill
This sucks so bad! Why start a book if you’re not going to finish it? I believe that this site should have rules and timeframe for your book! If it’s not being updated then they should pull the book! They shouldn’t get paid for leaving us hanging like that!
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