"Kamara, you know we have to go shopping for new clothes."

I was in the passenger seat of my mom's Jeep chewing on my nails while she went on and on about how I was going to do great. My mind kept telling me other things.

Well, it kept telling me what I wanted to believe. Me. Kamara. In a new school full of white kids not to mention the fact that I was adjusting to learning to make my English sound good without my accent being too detectable, but I was failing miserably.

"OK," was all I could muster and she gave me a sad smile.

 "Oh Chi this is going to be fun," she said in excitement while I rolled my eyes internally.

 This is going to be as fun as walking in three-inch heels on a runway. Note the sarcasm.

 We made our way to the mall. Me tagging along behind my mom as she took clothes off the racks placing them in front of me imagining me in them.

 "Honey if you don't like this you can tell me," she said after seeing my lost expression. I tried reassuring her with my most honest smile but who was I kidding?

 We decided to take lunch at a close fast food restaurant. We took a table closer to the doors so we could exit easier.

 Soft music was playing as a girl about my age approached us, probably to take our order.

  She was not too tall but taller than me with nice legs which were showcased by the green dress which stopped mid-thigh and hugged her slender frame. 

 To say I was impressed was an understatement, I was blown away by the fact that someone could pull off wearing an apron and looking good at the same time. 

 We placed our orders and waited in silence. Our food arrived and I was so glad because I was starving.

 I bit into my cheese Burger and moaned a little, closing my eyes, and relishing the taste. 

 Just then, I felt like eyes were boring a hole behind my head. I casually turned a little to the left and noticed a group of 'jocks', I've learned about the different groups and what they were called online because of the school change. 

 Their eyes were glued to me. I internally groaned realizing I had moaned a bit too loudly. 

 I quickly turned back to my food losing my appetite and feeling queasy because I hated being the center of attention.

 I ate my food faster and waited for mom to finish her food. We exited and let me tell you the rest of the day moved at an excruciatingly slow pace as expected.


I was skipping down the dirt road with Lilies in my hair, not my favorite flower but I let it slide.

 I could feel the nature at my fingertips as the flowers in my hair bloomed even more if that was even possible. The trees started to adopt a vivid green hue and I felt the grass in between my toes grow more.


 I started slipping away from the grass, I felt my weight being lifted off the floor as I started struggling to remain asleep and making the trees and flowers bloom.

 "Chi wake up!!!!" I felt someone bouncing on my bed. I groaned while trying to get back to sleep.

 "Leave me alone." I threw my pillow blindly at the person.

 "Mama. Chi is being mean again." Ama huffed storming out of my room.

 "Chi, please wake up or you're going to be late on your first day and we do not want to make a bad first impression do we?" Mom bellowed as the smell of Bacon wafted into my room. 

 I sat up quickly. Oh, that's right. Today is my first day. Yay me. The day I've been dreading ever since Dad told us his work was moved here. 

 I groaned internally, stood up, made my bed, and made my way into the bathroom to brush my teeth and tried to make sense of the forest that was my hair, brushing out the knots that I could and putting it in a bun leaving some out on the side of my face. After putting on the yellow oversized beanie and a skirt in matching color, I stared at myself in the mirror. This was it. Not my best but I'll survive.

 After making my way to breakfast with Nilo and Ama talking about some new TV show and making our way into mom's Jeep, I started thinking about my impending doom, OK that's over exaggerating but I was as nervous as hell.

 "Chi, we're here," Mom announced like she was not just dropping me in between the devil and his demons. Call me dramatic but that's the only way to describe this dread settling at the pit of my stomach.

 I got out of the Jeep and she sped off. Glad to know she cares. Insert eye roll.

 Immediately I stepped into the hall, the chatter died out and the silence was deafening. Whispers started as I made my way to the vice principal's office.

 A lady who seemed to be in her late thirties was behind a computer. She gave me a warm smile when I made my presence known.

"You must be the new student . . ."

"Kamara Kidjo." I finished for her.

After using her laptop for a little while, she handed me printed copies of my timetable and the school map. I thanked her and left the office. 

After about thirty minutes of back and forth, I found the classroom where I was having my first and second period.

"Here goes nothing," I said to myself just before entering. 

I was in luck because the class was only half-filled. After making my way to the teacher's desk, she beamed at me after I handed her my pass.

"Listen up class," she said, after a while, the class quieted down a little, "you're going to sit beside Chase, Chase raise your hand please." Chase raised his hand. Taking that as my cue, I made my way to the chair beside him and the class commenced.


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