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"What's happening?"The color of the once dead petals opened up to me, the brown and shriveled leaves, matching the petals in unbelievable harmony. A sight to behold.Who said moving could change anything? Wrong. For Kamara Kidjo, moving changed everything. New friends, new crush, new attitude. New powers?Ageline Kidjo knew the powers Kamara possessed but how long can one keep a secret? The truth as they say, will always prevail.

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 "You'll do fine, Kamara." Busiswa assured me through the phone . I was already imagining the worst case scenario. Waking up late. Forgetting my name when asked to introduce myself to the class, tripping and falling flat on the floor in the hall ... Making a huge mess of things with my silence. Being too weird to fit in . Oh, I could go on and on.  "Besides, who wouldn't love you," she continued, unaware that I had spaced out for a minute there. I thanked her and took calming breaths that did nothing for my racing heart as I made my 'grand' entry into the cafeteria. The silence was palpable add every eye in the room focused on me.
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"Kamara, you know we have to go shopping for new clothes."I was in the passenger seat of my mom's Jeep chewing on my nails while she went on and on about how I was going to do great. My mind kept telling me other things.Well, it kept telling me what I wanted to believe. Me. Kamara. In a new school full of white kids not to mention the fact that I was adjusting to learning to make my English sound good without my accent being too detectable, but I was failing miserably."OK," was all I could muster and she gave me a sad smile. "Oh Chi this is going to be fun," she said in excitement while I rolled my eyes internally. This is going to be as fun as walking in three-inch heels on a runway. Note the sarcasm. We made our way to the mall. Me tagging along behind my mom as she took clothes off the racks placing them in front of me imagining me in them. "Honey if you don't like this you can tell me," she said after seeing my lost expression. I tried reassuring her with my most honest smil
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"You'll do fine Kamara," Busiswa assured me through the phone. I was already imagining the worst-case scenario. "Besides who wouldn't love you." She continued unaware that I had spaced out a minute there."Okay, I have to go now thanks again Wiwa," I said meaning every word. She has been my biggest motivation to even go to the cafeteria. After taking calming breaths, I made my way into the cafeteria, the noise died down when everyone noticed me. Saying the situation was very awkward for me was an understatement. I was freaking out as I scanned the whole place in search of Chloe. I spotted her red fiery hair as she waved frantically Like a maniac. I made my way to her table easily and took a seat.There were three other people at the table I noticed as I munched on my Apple quietly while taking interest in the animated argument going on between the blonde girl and a dark-haired guy. I didn't know the show they kept talking about but it was clear the guy loved the show but the blonde k
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"Now I need everyone to team up with a partner on this project." Ms. Pearl, our music teacher informed the class as excited murmuring filled the room. "But not with people you know." A collective round of groaning is heard throughout the class. A rolled-up piece of paper hit the side of my head."Psst Kamara!" He whisper-yelled. I knew exactly who that was and decided to ignore him as I focused on what Ms. P was saying. "Just to be sure this works, I made a list myself." I imagined everyone staring daggers at her when she started calling names and their respective partners."Now remember, be creative, it could be a song you love so much or just instrumental music or whatever," she paused, "and no Veronica, no curse or swear words unless an F minus looks good on your yearly report." The class snickered at that. I was paired with the one and only. Drum rolls, please. Chris Marvel. Hurray with an eye roll.Now don't get me wrong, he was hot, well he was team captain so I'm guessing he h
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Uh, that doesn't go in there." Ama corrected as Nilo tries stuffing his mouth with three slices of bread. Just one word for me. Gross. I was sitting in the living room with my face sharing the same oxygen with my book. You could also say I was reading but with my siblings here, I don't think I can call it 'reading' anymore."Yes it does." Mumbled Nilo while opening his mouth to show the half chewed bread. "Ewwww." Ama cried. "That's gross." She announced. "Mama, Nilo's eating with his mouth full!" She yelled running to the back yard. "Genilo." Mom scolded from somewhere in the house. "Haven't you learnt anything about manners?" She sounded a little frustrated. "Not really" he had the cheek to reply. I could already imagine mom storming into the room but she didn't. Thankfully."Chi?" Mom called"Yes ma?" I muttered under my breath knowing exactly what she wanted."I need you to quickly get us some milk", exactly what I thought. Why couldn't Nilo do it?. This was another reason I
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"Come on Kidjo, just one more" "But it's so hard" So here I was climbing stairs with Chris. Yep, you heard right. Climbing stairs. I made a deal with Chris that I'd join him on his morning walks and workout on weekends and I'm regretting ever making this deal. *** "Come on, it's just a spider" I said like it was nothing "just pick it up"  "What if it has poison in it and I end up paralyzed for the rest of my miserable life? " he asked as I watched the visible fear on his face. I just found it really amusing that Mr. Strong and mighty was scared of a harmless spider. "Okay, I'll make you a deal" I found myself saying. His eyes narr
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She was beautiful. I sighed contentedly as I snuggled in my bed to start my new book. Yes, I am a book lover, who would have guessed."Nice PJs k" I heard the familiar voice as I looked up to see Chris at his window. Today he wore a tank top that showed off his muscled arms and broad shoulders. I became subconscious as I looked down at what I was wearing. A silk top with small straps and short shorts. I looked back up to see his gaze on me."Uh, thanks?""What you reading?" He asked as I listened to his morning voice. No doubt he just woke up but his hair was wet and stuck to his forehead so he must have been up for a while. I held up the back of the book in his direction as I heard him chuckle."What's so funny about my book?" I asked looking at him in confusion"Nothing" he raised his hand in surrender "but how can I see the title if your of your book if you're in there on your bed
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    Somewhere in the forest ...He flipped his pancakes on the pan whilst whistling to himself. He was the only one living in this lone cabin. Surviving on hunting down the wildlife. He wanted this life. An escape from all the buzz of his turbulent life. His parents couldn't care less about him seeing as he had chose this sort of life.The only close members of his small family were his grandmother, who hated the spot light life and fast cars and Lily, his most trusted st. Bernard. She was his next confidant after his grandmother passed away. After listening to the news on the local channel on the radio, he started preparing for the upcoming storm. After inspecting his underground basement, he decided that if Lily and him wanted to survive
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  Bang!!!.I heard a gunshot. It shook me."I didn't know anyone lived in this forest and not this far into it" I thought.I waited after several heart beats before deeming it safe to peer over the large rock which I hid behind and spotted the bear dead where he had stood not too long ago.I gasped as I felt a odd ache in my chest. Seeing him dead and lifeless did something to my being that made me sad and depressed.I ran over to him. Gathering his large head in my thick laps and kissed his head. I don't know how long I sat there cradling his head like I could bring him back before I approached the river gently and with caution because there was a good chance that whoever shot the Bear was still watching.After drinking to my heart content, I splashed water on my face letting it calm my nerves. Closing my eyes for
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 Ramon sat on a chair beside the bed where the unconscious melanin beauty laid. She must not be older that her teens he presumed as he watched her clutch at the sheets while her breathing increased.She had been unconscious for four days now and if not for her rapid breathing and small words every now and then, he would have thought get dead. The doctor which he has immediately called after placing her on the couch on the living room, arrived after the storm had quietened down, told him she was in a kind of state due to shock but other than that she was alive but there was a catch. If she didn't wake up any time soon, she was liable to die of hunger. He stood from where he sat and made his way to the kitchen. After preparing the soup in a can he has prepared, he took the soup in a bowl on a tray to her room. After placing the soup on the bedside table, he went to the door to check if Lily was back from her mornin
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