The billionaire's fiancée
The billionaire's fiancée
Author: Sunshine

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"Blake get your ass down here!" I call up the stairs hoping he heard me. He seriously needs to remember I'm staying here for a week. I don't want to walk downstairs to see half naked girls passed out on the couch. "Blake Anthony Harrison!"

"Calm down !" He yells back, "My house, I'd like to sleep!"

"I would like to walk downstairs without seeing naked girls in the living room!" I call back and hear his door slam shut.

"Dammit Bianca!" I hear his stomps echo as he heads downstairs. "Just go back home, mom and dad won't even notice you're there."

"I'm not taking that risk," I say as he steps off the last step, "I can't handle them, especially when you aren't there."

"Janet is," he persuades as he walks to the kitchen. I feel my phone vibrate in my jean pocket and I pull it out. Across the screen is Babe❤️, I hold up a finger to Blake to tell him to stop talking for a minute. My finger slides across the bar across the bottom answering the call.

"Hey Bianca," my boyfriend says and I furrow my eyebrows. He never calls me Bianca.

"Hey Ollie," I reply and I think I hear a sigh on the other end. My head is making things up so I just pretend I didn't hear it.

"Can we meet at the Starbucks, by your brother's?" He asks and I raise an eyebrow.

"Uh sure," I answer, "I'll meet you in ten."

"Alright, see ya," he says and hangs up. I take my phone off my ear and look at the blank screen.

"Everything alright?" Blake asks as he spreads peanut butter across his toasted bagel.

"Oliver wants to meet for coffee," I tell him and put my phone in my pocket, "I'll be back later Blake. By the time I'm back that red head better be out of here."

I head to the front door and hear him yell after me, "she's in my house, I say when she leaves or not." I smile as I take my blue winter coat off the hook and put it on over my black tanktop.  My black UGG boots slip right onto my feet and I grab my keys. My car is my baby. It's a red Tesla Model X. If anything ever happens to this car I'd cry.

At Starbucks--->

I've ordered a Grande Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino and I am currently sitting alone at a table in the corner. My blueberry muffin that I ordered is already gone and only a few crumbs are left. I've been sitting here for twenty minutes, thirty since I left Blake's house. Every few moments I glance down at my phone hoping I didn't miss a text or call from Oliver. My drink is half way gone already and glance around the shop. My foot is tapping quickly under the table and I try to stop it by putting my hand on my knee. Unfortunately that doesn't work and my foot makes a quiet tapping noise.

"Bianca?" I look up to see Oliver. His black hair poking in every single direction and his green eyes dark. There are light bags under his eyes and he's fidgeting with his fingers. I look up at him asking if he wants to sit without actually talking. "I think it's better if I stand." With that he shoves his hands into his black Adidas sweatpants, the sleeves off his green sweatshirt scrunch up slightly.

"Is everything okay Ollie?" I ask and stand up. He takes a small step back and I reach out to set my hand on his arm. My fingers graze the sleeve of his sweatshirt and he jerks his arm back.

"I've been pacing outside for thirty minutes wondering how to word this," he tells me quickly taking his hand out of his pocket to run it through his hair. "I'm breaking up with you."

"What?" I choke out hoping I was just hearing things. He looks down and I gasp slightly. "You're serious. Wow, okay," I mutter and pick up my drink off my table. I pop the lid off and pour the rest of my drink on the top of his head.

"Guess I deserve that," he mumbles and I scoff.

"Guess? No you totally deserve that," I laugh, "I have no clue where this came from and frankly I don't know if I can handle an explanation. Please don't try to contact me again Oliver."

I throw away the cup away on my way out and I hurry to my car. Once I close the door I feel more tears stream down my cheeks. I wipe my tears off with the palm of my hand before I start my car. Oliver is standing a few cars down from mine with his hair and sweatshirt covered in my drink. My eyes quickly avert away from him and I pull out of my parking spot. There is only one person who can make me feel better right now, Janet. I speed to my home not caring that my parents are actually home.

"Bianca dear," Janet smiles as she gives me a hug. She pulls away and once she sees my tear stained cheeks she loses her smile, "Oh come in." She takes me to the couch and sits next to me.

"Oliver broke up with me," I sob and wrap my arms around her. She hugs my back and runs her hand through my blonde hair. "He just called me this morning and we met at Starbucks. I waited and once he had the balls to actually come inside he broke up with me! It was out of no where! We had no arguments or fights! We would've been dating for five years in a couple months!"

I stop talking and cry onto Janet's shoulder. She whispers small talk into my ear in a soothing voice. With my sobbing I didn't hear my parents enter the room. "Bianca are you alright?" Dad asks and I want to laugh. I'm perfectly fine while I sob into Janet's shoulder.

"I'll leave to give you three time," Janet says pulling away from out hug, "if you need anything I'll be in the kitchen."

"Oh sweetheart what's wrong?" mom asks as her and dad sit on both sides of me.

"Oliver broke up with me," I cry and lean onto my mom's shoulder. Dad rubs my back and looks at me with sad eyes. "I love him, he's gone now. What did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing bumble bee," dad whispers and takes my hand in his, "Oliver is just an ass."

"Phillip!" Mom scolds and dad chuckles.

"I'm serious Anne," dad tells her as I look up at him, "and I have just the right idea." He kisses my head and mom's before he heads upstairs

."Let's go get some ice cream," mom says standing the both of us up, "I saw cookies 'n cream in there." I grin slightly at my favorite ice cream flavor and walk with my mom to the kitchen.

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this seems promising,probably gonna binge readin this tonight ❤ btw,sunshine do you have any social media that i can follow? i would love to know more about you
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Bella Jersey
Just because of the book description this sounds very Suspicious
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majeeda bukari
love this piece

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