Chapter sixteen

Jeremy's POV

Becca's father removed his flannel after a failed attempt of the mother ripping her skirt off. The flannel was all bloody from the contact of his hands which he had used to apply pressure on the gunshot wound. Well, that was the purpose it was supposed to serve, so I took the flannel begrudgingly and pressed on the wound to prevent further bleeding.

"Open your eyes, Becca! I'm here. Please! Look at me!" I solemnly begged.

It was my fault.

"Call the ambulance!" I demanded.

"It's on its way." Her father, Joe, if I remembered correctly from her memory, replied.

"Will she survive?" Her mother asked, apprehensive.

"If the ambulance makes it on time." I said, pushing on the flannel harder, mentally smacking my head for my stupidity for some ulterior motive.

I tried to be honest with myself. Becca was different in every which way. Cold, brutal, definitely, and her not trying at all to please anyone made h

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