Chapter twenty four

“Becca! We have to visit the bistro,” Marlon whispered.

We had decided against taking Jeremy to the station. He was our golden key to taking down Dan. We needed him. So, the guest room was his cell. We tied him up on the bed, arms and legs parted and mouth gagged, seeming as if he was ready for some kinky sex.

Marlon and I were stood by the window, trying to figure out our next move. He had disclosed earlier that the bistro was the gang’s daily hangout and if his suspicions were right, their layout was close by.

Xander walked in, a bottle of water in hand. He didn't even spare a glance towards his son. His expression was stern, exhausted and hurt. He walked up to us, handing me the bottle.

“Drink up!” He ordered.

I suspired, taking the bottle.

“You are welcome, by the way,” he added, rolling his eyes.


“Your house hasn't been reduced to a pile of ashes. Next time

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