Chapter 43

“It’s just so complicated, Greg, I don’t know. I’m not even an expert with this, yet she’s asking me for some advice or something. Ugh.” I massaged my head. It was honestly aching ever since this morning.

I was in Greg’s condo, and I just finished signing the clearance. I do not have any academic duties anymore, but I still had council duties. The weekend was stressful because I needed to tend to Karrie's broken heart, and I didn't even know how.

"Why? She's broken-hearted?" Greg asked. He was at his workplace, while I was on the couch, ranting about the stress that I've been through.

"Yeah, I guess so. You know what? I actually do not get the whole thing because she really didn't tell that in detail. She just gave me some of it and then poof, she cried again. All she said was that the boy, whoever he was, started to get cold, and then eventually, they lost track." I made a face. Greg was just facing his laptop, but still listening.

He nodded. "He's not worth it then." I gasped an
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