Defying the Norm (English)

Defying the Norm (English)

By:  Daiana  Completed
Language: English
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Felice is the model daughter and student. Everybody likes her. Everybody wants to be her friend. Everybody wants to be like her. She was living the perfect life every girl of her age would dream to have, but that life was slowly ruined when she started to feel something for her History professor, Greg.

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Tanya Pappas
excited for more ??❤️❤️
2020-09-11 07:11:15
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Always preview your chapters before you post. The line spaces are too far apart and makes it a bit hard to read. Or is that intentional?
2020-07-13 21:29:49
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Matrix Wave
2023-03-23 22:19:33
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Chapter 1
"Hi, Felice!"   "Gosh, Felice is so nice!"   "Yeah I want to be like her too!"   "You bet, sis! She's totally the girl to look up to!"   I heave a sigh upon hearing those. Most college girls would want to listen to those compliments, but not me. I just find it annoying and … not true.    I mean, it's obvious that they don't really mean what they say. They are just saying those because they want me to notice them, and they want me to notice them because I'm popular. If they get to be close with me and be with my flock, they will eventually get to the top.    I rolled my eyes at that though
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Chapter 2
I wasn't really that comfortable staying in the student council office ever since I knew that Sir Greg will be our substitute adviser. I don't know, every time I see him that embarrassing moment with him keeps on playing in my head.I'd like to scold myself for being so OA with that matter. I groaned in frustration as I sort out the papers that I needed to sign. "Miss Lemuel." I almost jumped from my seat when I heard that voice. I immediately looked up  and saw my substitute adviser's face."Uhm yes sir?" "I would just like to remind you about our student council meeting this afternoon," he said. I gulped and immediately nodded my head."Noted, sir." He nodded too before finally closing the door. I let out a heavy sigh and continue sorting the papers. I took a small glance on my watch and I still have so much time before my next class starts, which is Philippine history by the way. When I fin
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Chapter 3
I stayed up late that night because I have so many readings in Philippine History. I also have three papers to make for my communication subject and I still have to answer queries from the dean's office about our upcoming acquaintance. "Felice, you're not asleep yet?" I turned around and saw mommy and daddy who just went in. I smiled and stood. "Good evening, mom, dad," I greeted and kissed them both on the cheeks. "Why are you still up? It's getting late already," mommy said. I just sighed and shrugged. "I still have a lot of things to do, mom. Don't worry I'll sleep before 12," I assured her. She stared at me for a bit, but eventually nodded her head. "Okay, we'll go upstairs already, okay? Go to bed after." "Yes, mom." I heaved a sigh and went back to my chair. I could do these in my room, but that will just make m
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Chapter 4
I was silently scolding my self  as I continued to read our second reading for phil. history. I was cramming already! I wasn't able to finish reading it last night because I got so distracted about Sir Greg's message, I don't even know why! I groaned in frustration as I continue to scribble through the words, but I ended up re-reading it again. The concepts won't get in my head and it's frustrating me more! Gosh, Felice! Why are you so distracted?! I took a quick glance on my wristwatch and I barely have 5 minutes before class. I threw a dagger on my classmates who were being so noisy. They're just adding to my frustration! I cannot concentrate! "Good morning, class."  I froze on my seat when I heard that voice. Damn it!
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Chapter 5
It was Sunday. My cousins from my father's side would usually visit our house during this day. Mommy has declared Sunday a family day so we really have no choice but to gather here in our house. "Felice! Why aren't you dressed yet?! You cousins will arrive soon!" I heard mom yelling. I almost rolled my eyes and closed the book that I was reading. I stood up and went inside the house. Mommy is with our maids in the garden, preparing our lunch. It's still quarter to 9, but it has been our tradition to go to mass every Sunday with the whole clan. I went to the kitchen and just grabbed a sandwich before heading back to my room. I sat on my bed and ate my sandwich first. I got my phone and messaged my cousin, Karrie. We're just a small clan actually. Daddy has two more siblings, a girl and a boy. Both of my tito and tita has two children each while daddy has me only. Karrie is my clos
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Chapter 6
I was becoming weirder ever since I had that talk with Karrie. Oh my god. I have a crush on my History Prof!  I was already uncomfortable around him before, but it got worse now. I couldn't even look at him anymore! That realization made me more uncomfortable.  I gulped when I saw him from my pheriperal view. It was our first quiz and I hate it because he keeps on walking around! I feel like my heart will go out of my chest whenever he stops beside me! Why does he even need to stop?! Ugh! Felice, you need to concentrate! Oh my gosh. This is a quiz! "Five minutes left."  My eyes widened when I heard his voice. I quickly looked at my test paper and I still have three more question
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Chapter 7
I was not in a good disposition when I went back to the  student council office. I could even still feel my face burning. I almost finished my iced milo on the way here.  I slumped my back on my swivel chair and put my milo on the desk. I covered my face with my two hands and shouted on it.  Oh my gosh, Felice! Oh my gosh! I don't think I can still have a face to show him after that!  I know it was an accident, but heck! I could already picture my embarrassing face!  Why the heck did that happened?! Why are you so clumsy, Felice! Ugh! This is so frustrating!  I had to almost bury my face on my desk just to get that scenario out of my head. I didn't know for how long did I stay in that position. I just sat properly when I
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Chapter 8
I wasn't moving the whole ride. I kept on cursing the turtle like traffic. We were almost not moving! The heck! It's so awkward already! I heaved a sigh and sat properly.  I swallowed the lump in my throat and bit my lip. Gosh. I could almost hear the crickets in his car. I just focused my eyes on the window.  I took a deep sigh and slightly hugged myself because the aircon of his car was so strong.  I bit my lip and just kept my head down. "Are you cold? You can use my jacket. Here…"  I almost jumped on my seat when he handed me his jacket. I gulped and gave him a small smile.
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Chapter 9
My hands were shaking as I affixed my signature on it. I closed the folder after and stared at it for some seconds. I bit my lip and took a deep sigh. Oh come on, Felice. You're just gonna give this to him. For god's sake calm down! I clenched my fist and swallowed the lump in my throat. I sighed and stood. I fixed the folder and went out of the office. I walked to the Arts and Letters building. The faculty was just on the ground floor so, I wasn't stuck with the bulk of people waiting for the elevator. I took another sigh before I knocked and opened the faculty's door. I sighed and slowly enteered the room. I gulped when no one was there. My forehead creased and finally entered the room. I didn't know where Sir Greg's table so I had to search for his name on the nameplates on the table."Miss Lemuel?" I almost jumped in shocked when I heard that voice. My eyes widened and I immediately looked at my side. There
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Chapter 10
"Are you okay?" I heard Bran asked. I sighed and gave him a small smile. "Yeah, don't mind me," I said and focused on my food again. We were in his favorite french restaurant. And ever since what I saw in the parking, I wasn't really in the mood. I just feel sorry for Bran. Sure, he's annoying, but he asked me out politely and the least thing that I could do is to actually enjoy and treat him well. But I just cannot force myself bring back my mood. Damn, Felice. What the hell is happening with you? So what if he's with someone? So what?"Hey, you really okay?" Bran asked again. I sighed and looked at him apologetically."I'm sorry, but can I go already? I'm really not feeling well." I bit my lip as I said that. I saw his face saddened, but he still managed to give me a small smile. "Tss. Of course. But then, you'll have to eat with me again." I almost rolled my eyes, but in the e
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