Chapter Forty Five

Note: Just something to clear things up. Yes, Hannah works. You never read her working in the chapters because, well, that would be boring, but for anyone wondering how she can afford to live alone in the city, That’s why :)


Chapter Forty-Five

Andy left as soon as we finished having sex. He said he had a coffee meeting to get to, I didn’t really care, I was just glad he was gone. This was beginning to be a pattern. Fight, fuck, forgive and forget. Shaking my head, I got out of bed and pulled all the covers off. Things had gotten quite hot and sweaty and I definitely needed to put fresh sheets on… after I had a shower... 

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Amanda StJames
Update coming soon.
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Judith Dunn Thibodeau
When is the next chapter
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Erin Zegarra
intense chapters, really getting my stomach in knots. even when im feeling uncomfortable with what's happening, I want to keep reading to find out what happens to her....

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