Watch Out, CEO Daddy!

Watch Out, CEO Daddy!

By:  Wine Warms The Flowers  Completed
Language: English
1135 ratings
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On the night of her wedding, unsightly photos of hers were leaked by her best friend, leading her to become the joke of the town. Five years later, she returned with a son with an unknown father, only to bump into an enlarged version of her child! As the cold and handsome man looked at the mini-version of himself, he squinted threateningly and said, “Woman, how dare you run away with my child?”She shook her head innocently in response, “I’m not sure what’s going on either…”At this moment, the little one stood out and stared at the stranger man. “Who’s this rascal bullying my mother? You’ll first have to get past me if you wanna lay a hand on her!”

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Watch Out, CEO Daddy is a romance novel by Wine Warms The Flowers with a rating score of 9, telling the story of rekindled love. On the protagonist's wedding night, her best friend leaks her unsightly photos, making her a laughing stock of the whole town. She returns five years later along with a son who never met his father. However, one day they suddenly bump into him, and he immediately recognizes his son, asking her why she ran away. Are you wondering how the story continues? Read the novel to find out!

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Francesco Pop
Nice novel
2023-11-29 03:58:28
user avatar
Fuzelihle Ngcobo
A real review, the story has an interesting story line, but the author is repeating silly little things to make the story longer. So if you want to waste your money, go ahead and read it. But if not, then hopefully the author will see this and stop repeating things on her stories. make them short!!!
2023-11-19 08:10:28
user avatar
There is no Audio after chapter 501
2023-08-24 10:52:39
user avatar
Launa Scott
when I started reading this book I found it interesting and I was loving the book but now that I am at Chapter 900 I getting fed up now because why Sharon and Simon wedding of to fall through again
2023-05-23 07:19:47
default avatar
This book is not that bad
2023-03-19 09:32:25
user avatar
Nazivania Dias
autora você poderia traduzir este livro para português Gostaria de ler em Português por favor obrigado
2023-03-10 04:34:40
user avatar
Monique Linsay Rom
It is so frustrating. Sharon always looses to his family, even when she is innocent.
2023-03-01 02:20:48
user avatar
Launa Scott
this book is not as good as I thought because why Sharon run away from Simon after so long
2023-02-19 05:29:00
user avatar
Try reading "Taste of Luna's Lips" it's a good story line with daily updates
2023-02-02 02:48:02
user avatar
I do enjoy these stories but I have to say the communication between the couple is terrible! No type of marriage can survive that
2023-01-23 22:28:06
default avatar
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Nu Jhvhhu
2022-11-16 02:22:42
user avatar
Bullet Blink
im in chapter 120 but the review in ending is not good most of them said it's a srap ending a very terrible ending! what a waste of money. ao as much as i want to continue i guess i need ro leave bcoz its a freaking long chapter 1,780 something and the story will end it bad.......
2022-10-21 05:39:08
user avatar
Lalaine Ty
love this book
2022-10-17 15:07:05
user avatar
Juvylyn Legorio
Nice story
2022-09-22 22:20:13
user avatar
Cheryl Byron
This story have my body feeling all kinds of emotions, wish it was romantic movie
2022-08-23 22:54:26
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1747 Chapters
Chapter 1
"This is utterly shameful and disgusting…"The wedding that was supposed to be romantic turned out to be a disaster.Accompanied by everyone's gossip, Sharon raised her head to look at the giant screen. A few pictures that had been enlarged were being displayed.The main female character in the pictures was her, and the man on the bed with her was not the bridegroom, Howard Zachary!At that moment, Sharon was stunned. 'What's going on? Why is there such a picture?'The way the pictures of herself and the man on the bed had been taken made it so that her face at different angles was revealed while only the back and side view of the man could be seen.She was certain that she did not know who that man was!Subconsciously, Sharon looked at Howard. Howard stared at her. Additionally, his face darkened as his eyes began to gleam with rage."Woman! How dare you betray me!"Without waiting for her to reply, Howard gave her a tight slap!Sharon was slapped and ended up falling to the
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Chapter 2
After five years.The airport terminal had just announced the arrival of the plane. In no time, a batch of passengers exited the security checkpoint."Mummy, it's hot. I want to have ice cream." The innocent voice of a child was heard as Sebastian Jeans held his mother's hand. He was blinking with his bright black eyes.Sharon glanced at her son helplessly. His pitiful expression made her give in even though she knew he was faking it."You can only buy one." She took out a bank note from her wallet and told him, "Come back once you've bought it. I'll wait for you right here." Sharon was dragging the luggage."Roger! My honorable mother!" Sebastian gave his mother a flying kiss before beginning to run while holding onto the note in his hand tightly.Sharon had not even been able to ask him to take his time. At that moment, her phone rang."Hello? Riley? Yeah, I've already returned… alright, I'll take a cab over there now."It was a call from her best friend, Riley Gabriel.In t
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Chapter 3
Simon Zachary had a dark expression. "Don't sweat about it. As a parent, you should always be on the lookout for your children.""That's right, the clothes worn by President Zachary are custom-made, do you think you could afford to compensate him for it?" The man’s assistant, Franky Zimmer, was standing behind him as he rebuked in a low voice. Earlier, he was the one who had scolded her son.He glared at Sharon. 'She is so daring! A woman has never gotten so close to President Zachary before!'"Ain't it just a pair of pants? I can afford to pay for it!" Sebastian, who was being held by his mother, spoke up. He could not afford to let his mother endure the humiliation when he was the one who had caused the trouble.Simon placed his gaze on the little boy. He frowned as he found the little kid rather familiar.Franky sneered. "Hey brat, how will you compensate for it?"Sebastian took out his piggy bank that was in his little yellow duck bag and poured out all the spare cash he had
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Chapter 4
"You brat, your mom doesn't even know who's your dad. Stop thinking about your father. It's not too bad now that you’ve got a godmother, right?" She tapped on the little kid's head. 'Am I that disliked?'"I don't care. Mummy already said that she's going to bring me on a search for my father during this trip!" The little kid was still pouting with his little mouth.Seeing his expression on his chubby face, Riley could not help but kiss his face. "Well aren’t your facial muscles a bit too bouncy?" Sebastian turned pale instead. "Mommy, she… she molested me!"Sharon had brought her son up by herself and seldom got in touch with other people. Hence, Sebastian relied heavily on her and was rather distant from others."A kiss and that's considered molesting?" Riley laughed.Sharon laughed as well before she 'rescued' her son from the arms of her best friend. "He's just afraid of strangers. Things will become better once he becomes closer to you throughout the next few days."Riley r
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Chapter 5
Simon walked into the president's office as Franky followed him from behind."President Zachary, I've already gotten information about the lady you asked me to look up," said Franky.Simon merely sat down. He frowned slightly when he heard it. "Spit it out."Franky took out an investigation report. "The lady's name is Sharon. Five years ago, she left Northern City and went to M Country to further her studies. One year ago, she was awarded an award for international interior design. Coincidentally… she has become a designer in our company."Simon tightened his lips and did not say a word. 'So it means that I'm now her superior?'Five years ago, she left Northern City…He recalled the night five years ago. He had just returned from a foreign country and was ready to take over the Zachary family. During the welcome ceremony, he had drunk a glass of wine that was drugged. Later on, a lady showed up.However, upon waking up from his slumber the next day, he realized that the lady was
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Chapter 6
Suddenly hearing Howard's voice, Sharon was stunned. Scenes of her wedding on that day began to flood her mind. Howard's cruelty and lack of belief in her had made Sharon feel rather disappointed.Howard placed a packet of documents on the office desk. Upon lowering his head, he saw the lady who was sitting in the chair.His expression changed for the worst, and his pupils shrunk. "You… Sharon?!" Her appearance caught him by surprise. 'She's back?'Sharon did not let out a sound. Instead, it was Simon, who was sitting on the executive chair, who glanced at both of them with an intriguing look. "What's wrong? You guys know each other?""Not at all!" It sounded almost as if Sharon had replied without thinking twice.Howard remained silent for a moment before he let out a cold laugh. "Indeed we don't know each other. The Sharon whom I once knew died a long time ago."Sharon finally raised her gaze and glared at him. They both exchanged gazes, and the atmosphere tensed up.In the en
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Chapter 7
The busy working day came to an end, and Sharon headed back to her house. She felt slightly tired.Riley finished work earlier than Sharon, so she helped her out and picked Sebastian up from the kindergarten."You're back? Was everything fine on your first day of work?" Riley asked.Sharon glanced at her. "Why didn’t you tell me that Zachary’s family own Central Corporation?""That means you bumped into Simon? How was it? Isn't he a handsome one?"Sharon glared at her peevishly. "What does he being handsome have anything to do with me? He's Howard's uncle!""So what! Not everyone gets to enter Central Corporation. You should be happy right now that you were hired regardless of whose uncle he is. Are you afraid that he'll help Howard and trouble you?"Sharon frowned. She was not fazed because of it. It was just that she did not want to be related to anyone from the Zachary family.At that moment, Sebastian came out of his room, holding onto his stomach. "Mommy, I'm having a stom
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Chapter 8
Sharon recovered. Her heart was beating hard, and her ears were warm. She quickly lowered her head and bit her lips. She felt annoyed.Simon felt his heart beating irregularly when he saw her in such a state. Once again, he managed to catch hold of the scent from her body that he had wanted to smell all this while.His gaze that was on her changed to a more elusive one.The atmosphere between them was not like how it used to be. All of a sudden, there were footsteps approaching them."Shar, have you gotten the medication?" Riley and Sebastian had been waiting in the ward for some time, and thus, Riley decided to look for Sharon after noticing the latter had not returned for some time.Sharon suppressed the emotions dwelling within her. 'This is terrible, how could I forget about my son?'"Yeah, I got it. How's Sebastian?""He's slightly better, but the doctor said he still needs to consume the medication." Riley looked at the tall and cold man beside her. Her eyes began to gleam
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Chapter 9
"Uncle, I heard that grandpa fainted. How's he doing now?" Howard asked immediately after entering.He had heard from the nurses that Simon was in that particular ward. Hence, he rushed into the ward without looking clearly at the people inside.Simon shifted his gaze and said faintly, "The same old problem. The doctor is treating him."Howard finally made out the people in the ward, and he was utterly flabbergasted. ‘Why is it Sharon again?'Riley immediately spoke up without holding back, "Who permitted you to enter? Get out now!"Sharon tightened her lips but did not say a word. She sat at the side of the bed and merely looked after her son. She did not even glance at Howard.Howard saw the kid, and his gaze froze. 'Why does that kid… look so much like uncle?!'He immediately looked at his uncle. 'Could it be he’s uncle's son?''No. Uncle has never had a woman beside him before. It's impossible that he has a kid.'An illegitimate child? I don't think uncle would do such a f
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Chapter 10
Sharon had not expected her father to leave something for her. Five years ago, she left in a rush. After bidding farewell to her father in the cemetery, she immediately left Northern City as the place no longer welcomed her."I got it, I'll contact you tomorrow then."Doctor Collins still needed to attend to other patients. Thus, he left the scene after leaving his contact number.The next day, Sharon made sure that the little kid's stomach was alright after he had consumed his medication. Only then did she send him to kindergarten and head to work.As soon as she arrived at the company, she received a call from the secretary’s office. She was being summoned to the president’s office as President Zachary wanted to meet her.Not long after, Sharon reached the president's office. Simon was standing by a window that spanned from the ceiling to the floor. He was on the phone with someone else. Seeing that she had arrived, he beckoned her to have a seat beforehand.In no time, he ende
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