Chapter 4

Sarah’s pale face became even paler.

The servant from Marshall’s family regarded her call as a harassment call.

The entire Marshall family believed that she and James were dead. No one would believe her when she called.

“What’s wrong? Weren’t your family picking you up?” The old man beside her looked over and approached with concern.

“It’s fine. Someone will pick us up and we’ll leave soon.” Sarah put down the unconscious James on the old man’s bed.

James seemed to move the moment she put him down.

Sarah bowed her head and looked at him. It seemed as though a man who had an obsession with clean smells was protesting against being put on the old man’s dirty bed.

Sarah ignored him. If it was not for him, she would not have nearly experienced death.

Sarah then made two phone calls.

This time, the phone calls were picked up and answered.

She returned the handphone to the old man and sat quietly next to James with her eyes closed.

She was too weak.

She was obviously feeling uncomfortable after exerting all her energy for that Nine Yin Acupoint method.

“Young lady, would you like to have a glass of water?”

“I’m good. I’ll just rest for a while.” Sarah started working on the Nine Meridians and Eight Vessels method to repair her damaged internal organs.

20 minutes later, when there was a piercing sound of a ‘120’ ambulance [1] and a ‘110’ police car [2] siren, only did the old man realize the kind of people Sarah requested to pick them up.

James was brought into the ambulance.

Sarah got into the police car.

She eventually did not have to die with James and could finally lay down comfortably on the back seat.


“Sarah York.”

“Your partner’s name?”

“James Marshall.”

“James Mar…” The police officer who was taking the statement looked up all of a sudden. “Are you talking about James Marshall from the Marshall Group?” he asked as he lifted his head and looked at the ambulance in front of him. He recalled the face of the man who was carried into the ambulance, and mumbled to himself, “He did resemble James Marshall.”

Well, it was not resemblance—it was him.

However, Sarah was too lazy to explain.

“Since you’ve already called 120, why did you call 110? Randomly dialing 110 will get you detained.” The police officer stared at Sarah, thinking that this girl was beautiful, but there was a surveillance camera in the police car so he had to be professional.

Sarah’s eyelids were heavy, and she was very tired. “I’ve already called the police, so it means I have something I’d like to report. I’d like to sue Wendy Marshall who lives in No. 888 in the Mid-hill villa area.

The pen in the hands of the police officer who was taking notes fell to his feet. “Is this Wendy of the directors of the Marshall Group?” The police officer’s jaw dropped. First, he heard James Marshall’s name. Then, he heard Mrs. Marshall’s name.

He could not believe a girl like Sarah would dare to sue Mrs. Marshall; no one would even know the consequences.

Even their bureau chief had to be extremely polite and respectful toward the Marshall family. This girl must be asking for death.

“Sarah, I think you should think carefully before suing.” The police officer kindly reminded her.

“I’ve thought about it very clearly, and I want to sue Wendy Marshall for the crime of abandonment.

“...” The police officer speechlessly looked up at the ambulance in front of him once again. “Is that really the James Marshall who had died in a car accident a few hours ago?”

“He was abandoned by Wendy Marshall before he even died.” Sarah became furious just thinking about Mrs. Marshall. On top of that, she got hung up on when she called the Marshall family. If she did not do anything at a time like this, she did not deserve the surname, York.

At the top hospital in T-town.

In the high-class VIP ward.

The doctors and nurses were running all the examinations they could.

Outside of the ward, dozens of plainclothes bodyguards surrounded the high-class VIP ward, making the room look congested.

At that time, even a fly would not want to fly in.

Wendy Marshall’s footsteps came unhurriedly. “I would like to see who dares to sue me?” The police officer had called Wendy to go to the hospital. Her eyes were filled with anger at that moment.


[1] 120 is the number to dial in China when you require an ambulance or emergency medical assistance.

[2] 110 is the number to dial in China when you need to file a complaint or report a crime to the police enforcement.

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