The Young Wife is Pregnant: Pampered and Teased by Young Master Marshall

The Young Wife is Pregnant: Pampered and Teased by Young Master Marshall

By:  Endless Snow  Completed
Language: English
375 ratings
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On a regular wedding day, normal couples would enter a wedding chamber. However, James Marshall and his bride entered a coffin in their wedding attire. There was very little space in the coffin so they laid very close to each other. Ever since then, Young Master Marshall got used to having a 'little pet' in his arm.Pet being a pet, it would be a shame to not pamper and shower it with love. Therefore, Young Master Marshall decided to demonstrate this theory to the best of his ability. He defended and allowed his wife to do whatever she wanted; he replaced her parents without hesitation when she said her parents did not love and appreciate her; he trampled and warned them that his wife was their boss when her siblings bullied her.His wife was always not home so Young Master Marshall demanded jealously, "My lovely wife has beautiful skin and is a natural beauty, keep an eye on her." "Young Master, are you blind? She is flat chested..." "You know nothing!"

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user avatar
Yarm Paz
I like the story but sad to say there's no ending
2022-05-01 01:09:59
default avatar
What nonsense such a dragged out story with no end. Completely useless
2022-04-22 09:40:52
user avatar
Mychika Aquino
why is it not yet completed???
2022-02-02 01:25:07
user avatar
Cherry Nadal
how come it says completeda.? its an unfinished book!
2022-01-16 11:11:54
default avatar
Steven Leow
I like the story
2021-12-12 14:47:13
user avatar
Ella Brown
This is so not right. This sort of ending will cause me not go to the book store and buy proper novels. You're paying far too much, and using to many points for these kind of endings.
2021-12-05 10:54:53
user avatar
Eseoghene Agbatutu
Such an abrupt ending. still waiting for the end
2021-12-03 04:00:02
user avatar
Interesting. I love the story plots.....
2021-09-11 22:12:33
default avatar
shruti jena
Don’t waste ur money….the plot is not exciting…
2021-09-01 16:01:03
default avatar
I like this novel but I really disappointed that is being long time ago and it don’t have any new chapters
2021-08-10 06:28:11
default avatar
Sheran Rowe
Good read, was looking for more . It ended abrupt .
2021-08-06 10:09:54
user avatar
Alexandra Roberts
it's a very interesting story however I can't believe it end like this the title of the book doesn't relate to the story because Sarah is not pregnant as per title of said book
2021-08-02 09:05:25
user avatar
Diana Kat
Quite a gd novel to read. Love the story
2021-07-20 23:39:05
user avatar
Sharon Terrell
great read
2021-07-14 02:59:47
user avatar
Rahimah Borhan
the story is interesting
2021-07-10 13:06:56
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242 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Kneel.” Sarah York was shoved out of the car and was forced to kneel.“Kowtow.” Another demand came, and her head was immediately forced down, knocking hard on the marble floor.Pain.There was blood accompanying the pain. Of course, the person who was forcing Sarah’s head down ignored the blood and continued holding her down, making her kowtow a few more times.Blood rolled down from her cheeks to the corner of her lips—it tasted salty. She wanted to scream but she could not do it because of the red brocade in her mouth.Her long hair was roughly pulled up, forcing her to look up and ahead.There was a red coffin, and a man was sleeping quietly in it.Sarah swore that the man was the most handsome guy she had ever seen.She stared blankly at the man in the coffin. It turned out that James Marshall was actually very good looking.He was more good looking than she could ever imagine.If she had been asked to marry a man like him in the past, she would have fluttered to hi
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Chapter 2
The red coffin was huge.There were two red pillows placed side-by-side.Sarah laid on the pillow and turned her head to look at the man next to her.He was so good looking.She thought she would be afraid of him, but she wanted to touch his face when she looked at it.Although his face was cold to the touch, it retained its skin-like texture.She thought his good looks were the result of his makeup, but she found out that James was naturally attractive. “Hehe, you must’ve secretly admired me before, right? Or else, why would you drag me along even when you’re dead?” she whispered softly while wagging her finger at James’ face. Then, she heard the Marshall family closing the cover of the coffin on top of her.The red coffin was moving.The man next to her swayed along with the red coffin.She knew that once the coffin was in the pit, the next step would be to fill the pit with soil, and then build the tomb.At that time, cement would be poured on the coffin, and beautiful b
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Chapter 3
“James, you’re alive?” Sarah sat up in disbelief and placed one of her fingertips on his lips. They were soft, and she felt a shallow breath.Sarah opened her eyes wide and looked at the jade in the necklace on James’ neck. She then looked at the birthmark on her arm. It seemed that everything that had just been poured into her mind was real.Unfortunately, she did not have any internal strength [1] then. If she had the strength that was described in those texts, James would have already woken up.That being said, she was glad that he was alive.Bang...bang...bang! Sarah knocked on the cover of the red coffin, and shouted, “Let me out! James is alive! Let me out! James is alive…”Sarah was knocking aggressively and shouting loudly in order to get out alive.“Madam, the young mistress said Young Master is alive.” The servants from the Marshall family who were refilling the grave pit with soil stopped whatever they were doing when they heard Sarah’s voice and got up to report to We
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Chapter 4
Sarah’s pale face became even paler.The servant from Marshall’s family regarded her call as a harassment call.The entire Marshall family believed that she and James were dead. No one would believe her when she called.“What’s wrong? Weren’t your family picking you up?” The old man beside her looked over and approached with concern.“It’s fine. Someone will pick us up and we’ll leave soon.” Sarah put down the unconscious James on the old man’s bed.James seemed to move the moment she put him down.Sarah bowed her head and looked at him. It seemed as though a man who had an obsession with clean smells was protesting against being put on the old man’s dirty bed. Sarah ignored him. If it was not for him, she would not have nearly experienced death.Sarah then made two phone calls.This time, the phone calls were picked up and answered.She returned the handphone to the old man and sat quietly next to James with her eyes closed.She was too weak.She was obviously feeling unc
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Chapter 5
“It’s me.” Sarah, who had taken off her red burial dress, was reclining on the companion bed in the nurse uniform provided by a nurse. Wendy stared at Sarah, feeling slightly stunned. “Are you, Molly or Yam?” If it was not either of them, how could this girl look so much like Sarah?The York family had three daughters—Molly, Yam, and Sarah. Jimmy chose Sarah who had just turned 19 to be James’ wife. Although the social status of the two families was not well-matched, Sarah’s birthdate characters were perfectly compatible with James’, and he was already dead so Mrs. Marshall eventually agreed to their marriage.Sarah got up and pointed at James who was being examined on the ward bed. “I’ll leave this person to you and take my leave.” She turned around without looking back after saying that.“Stop.” Wendy instantly became enraged. It was the first time in years that she encountered a girl who did not respect her. She then screened through the ward following Sarah’s steps and was s
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Chapter 6
Sarah withdrew her gaze from the door and continued her phone conversation with Ann. “They can find me if they have nothing to do. I don’t care.”“Sarah, I heard that your dad helped you withdraw from school. You’re doing so well academically, and Gaokao [1] is coming up. Are you really going to stop studying?After hearing the words ‘withdrawal from school’, Sarah’s heart trembled. Jimmy must have doubtlessly expected her to be dead so he decided to suspend her from school and deregister her after a few days of suspension. “I will continue my studies. I’m going to school tomorrow.”“That’s great. You have no idea… I was so bored while having lunch and dinner alone since you didn’t come to school today.”Bang! Bang! Mandy York had gone from knocking on the door to smashing it.Sarah ended the phone call with Ann because of the noise. She stood up, walked toward the door, and unlocked it with a slight turn while Mandy was rapping the door. Meanwhile, Molly and Yam were standing beh
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Chapter 7
“My little Sarah…” he said softly. Jimmy’s body trembled when he heard Sarah’s voice.Mandy rushed over like an arrow. “Sarah, what are you making a fuss about? You’re not dead. Since you’re still alive, what’s there for you to fuss about? It should be me who should be doing that. 19 years ago today, I almost died giving birth to you. Ever since you were born, I get headaches when the wind blows. I have to wear a hat to cover my forehead during summer, and on rainy days, my waist hurts so bad it feels as if it would break. Why is it that you have no illness, but I have to suffer every day?”Sarah glanced at the beautiful princess cake in the middle of the table.This was the first birthday cake she received ever since she could remember.She took the candles, stuck them into the cake, and lit them.It felt as if she was the only one in the restaurant.Jimmy glared at Mandy who then sat down in exasperation.Yam immediately switched off the lights after Jimmy glanced to signal he
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Chapter 8
It was a bit late so Sarah took a taxi directly to Enlightening Middle School.It was time for evening studies, so the campus was quiet. Sarah took all her belongings, opened the door to her dormitory, and walked in.After tidying her things, she scrolled her handphone and realized that the whole of T City was reveling due to the fact that James was still alive.The only thing was that he had not awakened yet.However, that did not affect the infatuated hearts of thousands of girls in T City.The forum was full of this news, followed by a picture of James’ handsome face. The number of people following this was increasing by the second.Sarah turned it off after only reading a few posts.She was not a fan of James.However, she was well aware that her acupoint skills were still at the beginner’s level. Although James was alive, there was still a long way to go for him to awaken.It would only be possible if she mastered the Nine Meridians and Eight Vessels method, or met an exp
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Chapter 9
“Really?” Ann stopped eating her claypot, took out her handphone, and started scrolling. She then excitedly tugged on Sarah’s hand.“Sarah, it’s really your sister. So, will you be able to meet James Marshall who will soon become your brother-in-law? Get me an autographed picture of him, please. He’s a PhD student from Harvard Business School and is the CEO of Marshall Group. It’s an achievement that I don’t even dare to think about.”Sarah slapped her hand straight away, and said, “If you want it, go get it yourself.”“Uh, I can’t even meet him in person. I can only look at his photos at most. He’s so good looking. Your sister really picked up a treasure.”Sarah bowed her head and ate her food. She forgave Ann. The clearest observation she had of James was how he looked in his burial clothes.It was the weekend and usually the day to return home, but Sarah stayed in school.It had already been a few days. The whole York family should be immersed in the joy of Molly becoming Jame
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Chapter 10
Sarah was startled when she heard the words ‘brother-in-law’. She had to say that Molly was quick to take action. She was also very thick-skinned. “Look! The former campus belle of Enlightening Middle School is here.”“Being able to be chosen as James’ fiancee by the Marshall family... It’s true that beauty has its own value.” “We can ask Sarah to get her brother-in-law’s autographed photo in the future.”…The library door opened again, and everyone’s eyes fell on Molly and Sarah.Molly heard the whisperings around her. As expected, she was the most suitable fiancee for James in everyone’s eyes.If it was not for the fact that James was in a coma and his situation had not improved at all, she would not have come if Marshall’s family had not ordered her to pick Sarah up.“Sarah, I’m here to take you home.” Molly hesitated for a moment but still asked against her will.Everyone in the whole world believed that she was James’ fiancee so she was not afraid of Sarah.She just n
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