Chapter 6

Sarah withdrew her gaze from the door and continued her phone conversation with Ann. “They can find me if they have nothing to do. I don’t care.”

“Sarah, I heard that your dad helped you withdraw from school. You’re doing so well academically, and Gaokao [1] is coming up. Are you really going to stop studying?

After hearing the words ‘withdrawal from school’, Sarah’s heart trembled. Jimmy must have doubtlessly expected her to be dead so he decided to suspend her from school and deregister her after a few days of suspension. “I will continue my studies. I’m going to school tomorrow.”

“That’s great. You have no idea… I was so bored while having lunch and dinner alone since you didn’t come to school today.”

Bang! Bang! Mandy York had gone from knocking on the door to smashing it.

Sarah ended the phone call with Ann because of the noise. She stood up, walked toward the door, and unlocked it with a slight turn while Mandy was rapping the door. Meanwhile, Molly and Yam were standing behind Mandy.

“Something wrong?” she said nonchalantly. She would not have opened the door if they were not so loud.

After experiencing life and death, some people would think that a family had become less precious. She looked at three of them and inexplicably suspected if she was Mandy’s biological daughter.

“Sarah, why didn’t you say hello to us when you came back? Your dad, your sisters, your brother, and I have been looking for you everywhere.”

“I’ve never greeted you guys when I came back from home before, and I didn’t see you guys looking for me.”

Sarah spoke in a calm tone as if nothing had happened that day.

“You…” Mandy choked, but she was speechless.

Molly pulled Mandy away and smiled. “Sarah, it’s dinner time. Dad asked us to call you to come downstairs to eat.”

Sarah nodded and walked toward the stairs, passing by Mandy.

It had been ten hours since morning and she was famished.

Mandy, Molly, and Yam followed her closely. Then, she heard Mandy talking. “Sarah, the Marshall family came to propose marriage. We know that you don’t like James, and since you don’t fancy him and you’re still young, your dad and I have discussed and thought about sending your sister, Molly to marry him. Besides, marriage should start from the oldest child to the youngest. What do you think?”

Sarah continued walking down the stairs without turning her head. “It’s fine.” She replied with three simple words and then stopped talking.

She and James were only arranged in a ghost marriage. Since they were rushing, she knew they did not apply for a marriage certificate for the living.

The feng shui master said James’ bad luck from the accident could only be removed if he was buried between 9am to 11am. He would then be able to enjoy happiness and great fortune down there.

Molly and Yam refused to marry James after hearing that James had died but Mandy insisted Sarah marry him. However, once Mandy knew that James was still alive, she preached about the principle of seniority.

How ironic.

“Sarah, does it mean you’re agreeing to this?” Molly did not expect that Sarah would agree without any hesitation at all. After all, everyone in the York family was well aware that the Marshall family came to propose marriage because Sarah had saved James’ life. It was all because of their respect for Sarah.

James was the CEO of Marshall Group before the car accident. It could be said that there was not a single girl in T City who had never dreamt of marrying him.

Molly and Yam did not want to marry the dead James, but it would be a fool to not marry James who was still alive.

Whoever missed such a good opportunity was sick in the head.

Getting married to James not only meant one not having to worry for the rest of their life, but one would be able to enjoy endless prosperity and wealth. One would also be respected when walking around with a handsome husband.

Sarah did not say anything. She walked toward the table and sat down. She lifted her head and looked at Jimmy who sat opposite her. “Mr. York, I have no opinion with Molly marrying James, but I want to have 10 million out of that 100 million you’ve collected this morning. The remaining 90 million would be to repay your upbringing and care for me throughout these years. I’ll leave after having this meal.”


[1] Gaokao is the National College Entrance Examination in China. It is an academic examination that is held annually. This standardized test is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions at the undergraduate level in China. It is usually taken by students in their last year of senior high school.
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April Pearl Zarzua Realino
What a ridiculous story! Who in the right mind to stay in her family's house when she sold and buried alive with her father's consent? Why dont she just get her money and stay away from that horrendous family?

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