Chapter 10

Sarah was startled when she heard the words ‘brother-in-law’. She had to say that Molly was quick to take action. She was also very thick-skinned.

“Look! The former campus belle of Enlightening Middle School is here.”

“Being able to be chosen as James’ fiancee by the Marshall family... It’s true that beauty has its own value.”

“We can ask Sarah to get her brother-in-law’s autographed photo in the future.”

The library door opened again, and everyone’s eyes fell on Molly and Sarah.

Molly heard the whisperings around her. As expected, she was the most suitable fiancee for James in everyone’s eyes.

If it was not for the fact that James was in a coma and his situation had not improved at all, she would not have come if Marshall’s family had not ordered her to pick Sarah up.

“Sarah, I’m here to take you home.” Molly hesitated for a moment but still asked against her will.

Everyone in the whole world believed that she was James’ fiancee so she was not afraid of Sarah.

She just needed to endure her for a while. Once Sarah woke James up, there was no way she would be able to get near to him again.

Sarah turned her head and smiled faintly. “Tell me. What kind of threat are you gonna use?”

Sarah knew Molly too well. Seeing that she dared to find her, she would definitely have thought of a way to threaten her before arriving.

“Sis, you understand the rules well,” she said as she threw a picture to Sarah. Molly bowed toward Sarah and said in a low voice that only both of them could hear, “If you dare refuse to come with us, then just wait to enjoy a video of little Ronnie being raped. By then, you’ll be the one who regrets it.”

“You…” Sarah had already guessed that Molly would threaten her, but she did not expect it to be such a despicable tactic. She felt disgusted by it.

Ronnie Dome was the daughter of Sarah’s aunt.

As soon as Sarah was born, Mandy wanted to strangle her. It was her aunt, Aunty Meiji who took her away, and bought milk powder for her when there was no breast milk. When no one cared for Sarah, she would love and pamper her.

If it was not for the fact that her aunt got married and eventually had children of her own, Jimmy and Mandy still would not take her home.

Therefore, Sarah was very close to her Aunty Meiji.

It could be said that Aunty Meiji was even closer to Sarah than her own mother.

Molly knew of Sarah’s relationship with Aunty Meiji, so she threatened Sarah with Aunty Meiji’s daughter. This really made Sarah rethink her boundaries.

“Let’s go, my sister.” While Molly was speaking, she reached out to Sarah and held her arm as if they were very close sisters and left together.

Sarah stood up and completely avoided her. She carried her study material and walked toward the library door and smiled faintly. “There are things in the world that you don’t have to fight for if it rightfully belongs to you. If it’s not yours, it will never be yours no matter how hard you fight for it.”

She wanted Molly to enjoy the status of being James’ fiance, and then let her taste the consequences of falling from the clouds into a muddy end.

The Bugatti Veyron was slowly driven away from Enlightening Middle School.

The first thing Sarah did when she got into the car was continue her studying. There was no one else but the driver in the car. Molly eventually revealed her true colors. She was scrolling her handphone without even looking at Sarah.

After half an hour, the Bugatti Veyron stopped at No. 888, Mid-hill villa area.

A servant respectfully led Sarah into the lobby of the Marshall family villa. “Ms. York, please follow me.”

Molly’s face turned dark because she enjoyed all the Young Mistress’ treatment before Sarah came along, but the Marshall servants had completely ignored her then.

The luxurious European style decoration of the house was a refreshing sight to witness.

A dozen gazes landed on Sarah. Her eyes swept across the crowd and finally landed on an old lady in the center. She asked submissively, “Grandma, where’s Director Marshall? I heard she was looking for me.”

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