2. The Meet


"Angelica are you sure? I'm sorry but she's been nagging me about having a girls sleep over with you. I know that you've been busy with work and your Ivan thing..." I said to her apologetically.

Mable had been having her fit since couple of days ago, she was telling me that she wanted to go and spend the night at Angelica. This was one of the things that always breaks my heart, I'd  try to give her everything that she needs. But like Angelica said she also needs a woman in her life. And that was the only thing that had been bothering me, the only thing that I couldn't give her.

"Dale, I love that princess wanna be of yours. Don't say such thing, and my Ivan thing is doing good he's been asking me to move in with him, thank you for asking by the about you drop her off at my place tomorrow I'm having Amanda over, we could have a girls night thing." She said as she winked at me.


"Amanda? no strippers and alcohol right?" I asked her again cautiously.

I've heard about Amanda from her stories, and I've met her once couple of months back while Angelica was ordering her coffee. Amanda was wearing her baseball cap obviously supporting a hangover from their nightly outings. I couldn't remember her face, what I do remember was her coffee order. Large hot, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, Extra whipped cream, it was like ordering sugar free cola and asking for an extra cheese on your cheeseburger. 

"Dale! I have Dennis at mine, what kind of mother do you think I am? No strippers and Alcohol...pinky swear, and while she at mine, why don't you have a date night. Open that dusty black book of yours, you seriously have to go on a date, your future wife isn't going to conveniently stumble into you here." She scolded me, while sipping her cup of coffee. We were having our usual morning chat at her favorite corner table, while Denis was sitting and playing with his latest soft toy on her lap.

She had been pushing me to date for years that I've known her, I had dated several times but every time it was a waste of time. They are all the same, no one can compare to my late wife.

"Okay, I'll go on a date as a thank you, I'll have Tom to cover the register tomorrow." I was not feeling the mood for a date, but she was doing me a favor with Mable. So, I was doing the date thing for her, deep down I know that it would be a disaster. I sighed as she smiled widely at me, obviously liking the idea that I was going on that date.

"There you go... I know you can do it Dale, I have faith in you. Well, I'm going to work now, and I have to drop Dennis off at my parents, I'll see you tomorrow... text me when the little princess wants to start her slumber party okay?" She got up and headed for the door.

I waved at her then getting back to my costumers. Since I've been expanding the place last year, I had hired more employees, things could have not been any better. Weekdays are equally busy as the weekends and since Mable had entered kindergarten, I have got more time in the morning to do my book keeping while my employees take care of the customers.

I guess I'm going to shuffle my contact list for dates now. 

Sighing to myself I entered my back office, I have couple of more hours before I pick up Mable from her school. I started to boil a pot of water in the electric kettle while pouring the already grind coffee beans to a french press. This was my relaxing routine that I picked up months  after I opened the coffee shop.

Those days, I would put baby Mable to sleep then do my french press routine to relax myself. I would think about her before I go to sleep, and wonder how would she look like when she's taking care of Mable, and what would Mable look like when she's around her mother.

Years later the hurt of loosing her had slowly fade, I couldn't even remember her face sometimes. I would flipped our wedding album from time to time. I even still have her voice message in my old phone that I refuse to delete, though I had not open in years. But it was just nice knowing that she was still there,when I needed her.

"Hello hi, yeah this is Dale....from the corner coffee shop. I don't know if you still remember do? Yeah, emm...I was wondering if you would go out with me tomorrow? Like on a date thing, yeah? ...ok, why don't you text me your address and I'll pick you up around seven..."

There date set, I still don't feel good about this.

I knew that it was going to be a disaster already, I sighed and put the phone down.


"Come on daddy hurry, I don't want to keep them waiting...." She said as she pace her little step back and forth in her princess costume.

She had been Rapunzel for weeks now, and loving everything purple. She even asked me for a pet chameleon yesterday. The counselor from her school said that this is her way to cope for the lost of a woman role in her life.

"Right, okay...I want you to behave at aunt Angie okay? Don't be too loud, while baby Dennis is sleeping and be nice to aunt Angie's friend. Okay?"

"Yes...yes...daddy, can we go now?" She was pulling my hand, making me laugh at her. I picked her up and gave her my kisses, making her giggle in excitement. And she finally stop yelling at me, I pick up her purple rapunzel backpack and her purple blanket, then we headed downstairs to the coffee shop.

"Damn boss, you're looking fine! And you Mable...more feisty! Give me five!" Tom greeted us, and Rapunzel give him a high five and let out a giggle while I set her to stand beside me.

I was already in my casual date attire, freshly ironed white shirt, black jeans and polished black leather shoes. I gave Tom couple of more instructions for the night, saying that I might be late. But he was making sure that he would text me if he needed anything. And convinced me that he was good, that I should have a good time tonight.

"You need this boss, let yourself let loose from time to time..." he patted my shoulder, making me laugh at him.

I have an easy going relationship with my employees, I like to keep it casual yet formal at the same time. They know their boundaries, that's one of the quality that make them lasts, and Tom had been with us the longest.

We eventually said our goodbyes to him and headed across the street to Angelica's apartment complex. We have just gotten into the elevator, when a woman wearing a worn out hoodie stepped in.

She looked familiar, but I couldn't seem to recall from where, maybe from the coffee shop. Her backpack looked heavy, her eyes looked sad, but she was still gorgeous. I couldn't even recall how Linda looked like, but I was obviously familiar with her.

"Daddy...let's go!" Mable was pulling me out of my daze from looking at the woman. I didn't realize that I was still staring at her until she looked at Mable then at me and smiled. She left us standing in the elevator, as Mable tugged my hand for the second time.

"Yes...Okay...let's go." I took her hand and we get out of the elevator seconds after her. I halted my step as the woman knock on Angelica's door, I didn't think that she was aware that we were standing behind her.

"Amanda...oh sweety, come here..." Angelica gave her one of her I'm so sorry hugs, I know cause I've got that from her, once was when Mable was hospitalized for her very high fever.

So this is Amanda, what happened to her?

I was suddenly intrigued by her misfortune that I stayed back and waited until Angelica was finished with her greeting, and that was when Mable hug her thigh announcing her presence.

"Dale! and my little Rapunzel! Come in.. Come let me introduce you guys inside." She pulled her friend inside.

"Dale, Mable this is Amanda one of my closest friend Dale I think you've met her before she had this thing about ordering her coffee. This is aunty Amanda Mable, she will join our girls night." She clapped her hands excitedly, while Amanda was still looking sad.

I was somehow wanting to take her away from there, and take her to an amusement park and make her laugh so hard.

Hmm... maybe I've been hanging around Mable too much...

What do grown ups do for laughs, I should google it later. I didn't realize that I was still looking at her, when Angelica was looking at me a bit funny.

"Earth to Dale...seriously Dale, we're good. You're freaking out my friend here...go on your date and have a great night, you look dashing by the way... she will be just fine, and by she I mean your little Rapunzel."

I eventually snapped out of it, and said my goodbye and gave Mable my hug and kisses making her giggle and hugged me tighter.

"Bye daddy! Go find me a new mommy!" She laughed at the same time as Angelica, while Amanda was grinning like she couldn't contain her amusement.

There... She looked even more gorgeous... wait why am I...

I eventually walked out of her apartment, I was back to feeling the old boring me. Suddenly not anxious for my date...

Maybe I should just cancel this...

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