Seducing the Single Dad

Seducing the Single Dad

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
128 ratings
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"You are going to come again, but not until I say so...nod for me and give me your yes..." he whispered sexily while licking my ear. I was nodding and moaning at the same time. ***** Amanda is addicted to coffee, she treats her coffee far better than she treats her men. She likes to change partners faster than she restocks her milk and creamer on her fridge. She never gets attached to her men, she's very adventurous and even likes to share her men with her girls. That was until each and every one of them find their man and she was left to play alone. Dale has been a single dad since his wife passed away delivering their daughter Mable into the world. Since then he hadn't found the one person that can even come close to his beloved wife. He dated women on occasions but finds them all bland, shallow, and not even the least intriguing for him. He was dedicating his life to Mable and his coffee shop and was enough for him. Until one day Amanda walks into his coffee shop and literally knocks him off his feet. Since then she has been on his mind constantly, she was truly his opposite. The wild child versus the calm and settled single dad. Will the opposite attract? will they find the middle ground? will his daughter approve of his new relationship?

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Queen Harvey
Domestic violence, both physical, verbal and sexually is real. Addressed in a very clear manner. Good job author!
2023-06-22 11:34:54
user avatar
Dawn Too
Awesome read, loved it!!
2021-11-28 04:26:38
user avatar
J rose
Lovely writing author😘 keep it up. Looking forward to reading your other books.
2021-07-17 02:55:47
user avatar
Kai Hill
very amazing story😘😘😘😘 Love it.
2021-07-17 02:51:31
user avatar
Jhamlex Jamil
loved this story
2021-06-24 10:21:52
user avatar
Minalea Anosa
very nice story and exciteng
2021-06-12 07:06:22
default avatar
Another cute story on here - good job author 😊
2021-05-21 09:18:16
default avatar
Loved this story!!!!
2021-05-20 14:14:36
user avatar
Anja Kizzinator Juul
Really love this book❣️ and who doesn't adore a happy ending🥰
2021-04-22 14:57:19
default avatar
Valentina Park
I loved the book great author l would like a Dale myself so hot steamy and sexy.
2021-04-16 23:17:58
user avatar
Karen Williams
excellent book
2021-04-15 05:14:42
default avatar
Hayani Isman
Lumayan bagus
2021-04-05 00:00:49
user avatar
kaye ball
Loved the comete story.
2021-04-04 10:39:38
default avatar
The story is great
2021-03-27 20:30:25
user avatar
Ro Se
Thumbs up!
2021-03-27 00:54:30
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39 Chapters
1. Losing The House
AmandaThe heat was unbearable, I could feel myself sweating heavily until I open my eyes and saw the fire. I was alert immediately and start my trail of curses, I hurriedly grab my phone then put on my robe and slip on my house slippers then ran as fast as I could out side the house. But I halted my step when I saw the words painted on the wall, my hands were shaking when I open my phone and snapped the writings just seconds before the fire catches it and burn it away. Can't be...I thought he was still in least for another year...My heart was beating faster, I couldn't move my legs I was frozen in front of the wall, until I heard the sirens pulling me back to reality and realized that I have been inhaling the smoke, my eyes were teary but I finally managed to move my feet and find my way out of the house through the front door. The firemen quickly got me to their truck, then one of them was taking my vitals. "Mam, are you alone in the house? Do you have any pets?" the oth
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2. The Meet
Dale"Angelica are you sure? I'm sorry but she's been nagging me about having a girls sleep over with you. I know that you've been busy with work and your Ivan thing..." I said to her apologetically.Mable had been having her fit since couple of days ago, she was telling me that she wanted to go and spend the night at Angelica. This was one of the things that always breaks my heart, I'd  try to give her everything that she needs. But like Angelica said she also needs a woman in her life. And that was the only thing that had been bothering me, the only thing that I couldn't give her."Dale, I love that princess wanna be of yours. Don't say such thing, and my Ivan thing is doing good he's been asking me to move in with him, thank you for asking by the about you drop her off at my place tomorrow I'm having Amanda over, we could have a girls night thing." She said as she winked at me.
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3. Finding a New Place
Amanda"Are you sure? maybe I should find another place and stay at my parents until then..." I was not convinced with Angelica's explanation. I didn't want to be a burden, I didn't want to be that kind of friend."Shut it Amanda, I know all about Troy. Maybe I should ask Ivan to find and finish him off already, he could have killed you that night! His money could only get him so far, I'm sure you're safer at my place anyway. Just stay here for a couple of weeks, months I don't care. Just let me help you out, I owe you a lot more and you know it...."She kept on pushing me, until I finally settled on a girls night tomorrow. She was having her little friend over, the little kid from the coffee shop across her apartment. I know that she was close with her father, like the brother and sister kind, the way that she talks about them I could feel her love for them. I was guessing because she's an only child, he
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4. The After Date
DaleThis Linda woman did not only smell too sickeningly sweet, but she was also all over me. I was clearly ending the night early.Though she was sexy but my mind was somehow stuck to Amanda, maybe because of her annoying coffee order. I didn't know anymore, but what I do know was that the whole night was a disaster. I wanted to end the date just as we ordered our dinner.The date went terrible slow, until I drop her off back to her place. She was inviting me in for coffee and obviously something more. I haven't had sex in months I should be saying yes to this, but Amanda was all I could think about.Damn her! "Maybe after a couple of more dates Linda, I don't think it's wise for me to do so..." I was babbling on her porch while she was resting her hand on my chest, while still trying to lure me in.I finally got her to let her
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5. Girls Night
AmandaDad called earlier and asking my whereabouts, I told him that I was having a girls night at Angelica's and I'm in a secure apartment complex."Just be careful okay, the cops said that Troy was at his residence when the fire incident took place. You know that he was out on good behavior, so our lawyer is still trying to put a restraining order against him. Meanwhile, I need you to be on guard he could easily put someone to the task..." dad went on talking until he finally ended the call a hour later.I was exhausted just listening to him, my life suddenly turned very dark in just a couple of days. I didn't realize that I shed a tear, until little Mable came up to me and wipe it away with her little hand."Are you okay aunt Amanda? Do you want me to hug you? My daddy always hug me every time I'm sad and it always makes me feel better." The pig tailed little girl said sweetly at me.
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6. Sexy Thing
Dale"Mable darling, I think aunt Amanda was still thinking about your daddy's coffee, you need to repeat your question honey." Angelica answered from behind her, I know that word had a double meaning and Amanda actually blush.Damn, I need another cold shower after this.But then Angelica picked Mable up from her lap."Why don't you come with me and let aunt Amanda help daddy with his coffee? I think Dennis misses you." Angie said as she winked at me knowingly.I would love it if aunt Amanda help me with my bonerWoah...slowdown sailor...I finally finish the simple task of making our coffee, I was passing her the non fat milk and the whipped cream making her grin at me, she was by my side in seconds."You remembered...this is not my thing you know, the non fat is my thing for my hangover fix. M
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7. Back Office Sex
Amanda"Damn it're so delicious, you taste like...I want you now. I can't help myself, ..." he stops his words and took off my hoodie. He was gripping my waist harder, I could feel that he was holding himself back. He had always been so calm and collected, there was something about him that made me want to break him loose. I needed to feel the real him, I could see a glimpse of what his other side might be.He was looking at my flimsy top that I put on earlier when I thought that I would just get my coffee then back to Angie's apartment. I smirked at him and pushed him down to his office chair, he groaned when I lower myself down and feel his hardness.Oh... well, hello there my new friend."Why don't you let me do this for you?" I winked at him while biting my lip in anticipation.He was the whole package, I still couldn't believe that he was
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8. Sexy Play
DaleI couldn't get enough of her.I couldn't stop touching her.I've never felt this alive before.I've never wanted this much sex before.I was feeling like a teenager having sex for the first time. She was so tempting, and her sexy moans were making me so damn hard. And for the second time that night, I couldn't finish making our coffee.I was fingering her and tasting her neck at the same time, she was letting out her sexy low moans. Maybe it was the months without sex, but I was nowhere near satisfied with her."Amanda, I should really finish making our coffee. Why don't you go into my bed room, it's the one on your left...." I was pulling her for a quick kiss that turned hot in an instant."...go and play with yourself, but don't come and don't undress yourself...I'll be there with our coffees."I finally let her go, and she slowly wal
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9. Sexy Hangover
AmandaI woke up sore, naked and alone. Dale was not there, his side of the bed was empty. I looked at the note on the pillow beside mine.Morning my sweet Amanda, I'm taking Mable to school, please stay... your coffee is on your bedside. I'll be back at nine. D.I went to the bathroom and do my morning stuff and get dressed , then search for my phone to see the time. It was almost nine. I got three misc
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10. Afternoon Play
DaleAngelica called me saying that I need to hump Amanda quickly, she said she was probably spreading her legs for one of her toys. I grinned and called her after Angelica hang up on me.My naughty Amanda, I was busy thinking about the punishment that I was going to give her. My hands were itching to spank her sexy ass.She was defending herself telling that Angelica was teasing her. I know that she's a wild one, I heard the stories from Angie when we were drunk and were over sharing our sexual adventures.I finally invite her to come to the coffee shop, I'll fuck her real quick so she can continue on with her work, or maybe not. We will see."Tom, I'm going to check on Mable upstairs, if Amanda come just tell her to head on back to my office. I'll be with her shortly.""'s about time boss! I'll tell h
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