Chapter 08


It just can't be sheer coincidence that Daniel was staying in the same hotel,Hôtel Britannique,with her. It was fate!. As she closed the door behind her,hopping to the bed with a sweet smile written all over her face she thought of the evening's walk she shared with him; The brief visit to the El Louvre Grand Cafe,walking hand in hand across the street of Rue de Rivoli amongst the hustling crowd,the jovial conversation they shared and most especially,the way he took photos of every beautiful thing that came across his way,talking lengthy about the beauty Paris beholds. 

She lay on her king-size bed staring at the beautiful lights that hung from the ceiling with only one scene replaying in her head; The moment when he asked to make tomorrow special for her. She bit her lower lip excitedly,just thinking about his soothing tone and the kindness in those brown irises of his made her anticipate.

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