Better Love In A Photo

Better Love In A Photo

By:  Ladipo Michael  Completed
Language: English
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Zoey Johansson's life is turned upside down when the actress and daughter of a famous billionaire is entangled in the lives of two men. Gray Robertson,her betrothed and Daniel Adegboyega,her newly found love. With so many occurrences happening in her life,Zoey would have to choose between the two. Her manipulative betrothed or perhaps her poverty stricken lover.

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Oluwadare Mojisola
absolutely interesting
2021-12-14 20:28:44
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Godwin Hosanna Aga
I'd definitely want to read this. It's going to be a hard choice for Zoey... Some girls will go with money ? after all they're betrothed ?
2020-07-20 07:12:31
user avatar
Chiaro De Luna
If you want to read a good romance with an interesting plot, this is the book for you
2020-07-20 07:11:49
user avatar
Apratyashita Thakur
The plot seems interesting. Can't wait to
2020-07-07 09:13:48
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
Keep up the good work
2020-07-21 23:17:33
58 Chapters
Chapter 01
 ZOEY "You're hurting me Gray!" Zoey screamed,her pain of agony filling the mansion but her lover proved adamant to her pains rather kicking her consistently with his shoe across her stomach. His handsome face morphed into fury and his innocent eyes turning monstrous as he abused her till the very least his energy could carry.  He stopped to catch his breath whilst by that time her skin had already rumpled into bruises from his merciless beatings. He breathed out the air hanging in his throat certain he has done justice to her. "Unless you want to be dead by sunset don't fire that perverted manager of yours!" He stated calmly like he hadn't done anything wrong,adjusting his blue suit before walking over her. She heard the door cling to it's lock as he exited.  Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she a
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Chapter 02
 ZOEYThe setting was based in a medium sized room covered in grey metal walls proud enough to reflect even the littlest sound. Not much credit could be said for the lighting,as it shone dimly encrusted in the concrete ceiling above. CCTVS also installed at every corner of the room. And there lies the metal table rigidly standing at the center accompanied with two metal chairs. One she sat on with her hands cuffed and the other,the detective whose face showed just how impatient he's grown. "With all due evidence,it is hereby certified that you killed your husband!." Said the detective whose voice contained disappointment and his haunting narrowed gaze. "No!" Zoey gasped. "I didn't kill him!. He was so dear to me,he was my angel,my guardian,the love of my life. Why would I kill such a man?" She cried further,he
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Chapter 03
  ZOEY "I hope you don't mind it's a cup of coffee I can afford for a lady like you." He grinned as they sat opposite each other close to the transparent glass window at their side. "It's totally fine Daniel. Besides,you should consider yourself a lucky man..."  "Because I'm having a conversation with a star?" He interjected with a slight frown on his face. "No!..." She laughed briefly. "Because,you discovered my coffee taste the first day we met."  "First time I followed my heart and not my head,I won the heart of Zoey Johansson." He gestured with a chuckle making her laugh too.&nb
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Chapter 04
  DANIEL "I'm glad you're okay now." Daniel soothed. His eyes containing so much care and softness. "It's just a minor accident. Don't worry."  Daniel nodded with a worried face. He took a quick glance around the room before planning to move."I'll take my leave now" He muttered but as he reached for the door knob.. "Daniel..." He paused in his steps to stare. "Thank you for coming."  A small grin parted his lips. "Get well soon. Mr Clinton." He nodded again before exiting the room. Walking worriedly amidst the nurses that held one thing or the other,some were busy attending to patients with hearty smiles and kind
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Chapter 05
SEVERAL WEEKS LATER DANIEL "Daniel!. I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?" Mr. Clinton dropped the file in his hands on his desk as the young ebony entered into his office. "I was uhm....I was occupied with some issues." He lied. Back to the morning,he was sleeping lazily on his rickety bed when his boss's call came in. Idris had gone for his daily business,he had to clean the whole room,take a bath and face a bit of traffic before arriving at his boss's. Mr. Clinton pinched the area between his eyebrow before resigning to his swivel chair, beckoning Daniel to have a seat too. "First of,I would like to say a big thank you for the care you showed me during my recovery. It means a l
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Chapter 06
DANIEL"Ehhh Daniel!....." Said the cheerful voice of the man most probably in his late forties as he welcomed his partner to join him on his coffee table with a wide grin."Comment allez-vous?" He asked once Daniel had resigned to the seat opposite his.Daniel lifted an eyebrow before letting out a light sigh."I think I'm doing great Charles,thank you." He answered. It's been basically two months now that he's arrived Paris. He's first week was a tough one for him,he missed New York, it's people,his African friends at the quarter and most especially,Idris. Talk about the mode of dressing,their language which he found hard to understand yet intriguing, or the wonderful delicacies his taste buds struggled to adapt to. The rest of the weeks he spent them meeting with Charles Louis,his co-worker whom Mr. Clinton had promised, in preparation for this magazine they were going to shoot in the coming months. At first
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Chapter 07
DANIEL "Oh,I see both of you know each other already. Very good!" Louis chirped,interjecting their moment with a graceful smile as his eyes wandered between the two. Daniel cleared his throat in response while his eyes stayed glued to her face. One could tell he was just as shocked as she was. He never really thought of the possibility of meeting her again considering their last encounter ended on a bad note but here she is,glowing in her ever graceful beauty and also the lead model of this magazine. Curse fate!. "Hmmm,tell me,how,where,did you guys meet?" Louis shot a mischievous smile at both of them,rubbing his palm slowly as he mumbled. Daniel rolled his eyes. "Louis if you'll please excus
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Chapter 08
ZOEYIt just can't be sheer coincidence that Daniel was staying in the same hotel,Hôtel Britannique,with her. It was fate!. As she closed the door behind her,hopping to the bed with a sweet smile written all over her face she thought of the evening's walk she shared with him; The brief visit to the El Louvre Grand Cafe,walking hand in hand across the street of Rue de Rivoli amongst the hustling crowd,the jovial conversation they shared and most especially,the way he took photos of every beautiful thing that came across his way,talking lengthy about the beauty Paris beholds. She lay on her king-size bed staring at the beautiful lights that hung from the ceiling with only one scene replaying in her head; The moment when he asked to make tomorrow special for her. She bit her lower lip excitedly,just thinking about his soothing tone and the kindness in those brown irises of his made her anticipate.
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Chapter 09
ZOEYZoey wasn't expecting much from Daniel, to be precise; She's toured most parts of Paris and was certain no matter where Daniel took her to,it would be one of those places she's visited. But as they rode past the first arrondissement on his powerful bike that gave a commanding roaring sound at every increase in pace,her mind was completely blown away just at the sight of scenery she was viewing on the open roads. She enjoyed the warm air that swarm across her body especially her hair,the sweet scent of his cologne,the occasional sight of hustling tourist craze obsessed with tourist centers and of course the Parisian women that walked the street,adhering to their simple yet exquisite style of clothing. One thing she knew about Paris for sure was that less is more!. They see beauty in the most simplest things. She closed her eyes again exchanging calm breaths with the fast pacing wind that swoop past them. She grunted in silence when she
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Chapter 10
DANIEL"Good work everyone,good work!" Daniel watched in admiration as Director Louis cheered. He walked about showing appreciations and showering praises on the crew and Models for their efforts. It was quite a reliever for Daniel too as today marks shooting an end of a major scene. It's been several months they've been preparing this project owned under Elle magazines and he was at least glad he achieved two things;he didn't disappoint his boss and he made a friend. Zoey. As her thoughts crossed his mind he took a glimpse of the beauty smiling happily amidst her fellow casts obviously commending each other's efforts. Ever since that day which occurred months ago, they've grown to become fond of each other. A smile played on his face when he remembered Zoey's consistent promise to return his cardigan she borrowed a night out for coffee which she failed at horribly. He'd insisted on her keeping it but she was persistent too yet this cardigan
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