Chapter 13


Dressed finely in his black tux complemented with a bow tie. He looked at the ballroom twin door in front of him alongside his fiance,his right palm intertwined with hers. He took a quick glance at her again;just to ascertain himself. She was adorned in long red tight fitting gown,backless and with a slit that runs up from the tip to her mid-thigh.  Her short blonde hair curly and with light make up to finish it all.

He nodded to the men servant that stood side by side by the twin door,both dressed in fine black suit jacket. They bowed their head slightly before pushing the door open gently revealing an astonishing light radiating throughout the thrilling golden coloured ballroom of the great Robertson's filled with various high profiles dressed finely in formal clothes.  

     The classic tune of fine music orchestrated by t

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