Chapter 14


"Dang it!" Daniel could swear he almost smashed his phone in frustration as Zoey's number failed countlessly or perhaps she was ignoring him. Which can't be helped considering the late night event that occurred yesterday. The unforseen,awkward moment when she those soft red lips of hers touched his.....

"I love your world." She whispered staring deep into his eyes. And without thoughts and worries. She kissed him.

His eyes widened at first and if he had had the chance to breathe he would have gasped from surprising shock. He didn't kiss her back even as soft and enticing her lips were,he held back even when his whole body itched to kiss her badly,to hold her tightly in his grasp but he did otherwise. 

Standing like a fool or rather like a statue making her stop and staring into his eyes with confusion gracing them. He could feel how tensed she had grown,how nervous, obviously thinkin

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