Chapter 18


Daniel's day could not get any better,he could start from the success of Elles Magazine release titled 'UNTAMED'. Just today alone the magazine release is already widely accepted with much critical acclaim and their likes. His boss,Mr. Clinton had called earlier during the day congratulating him on his work well done and how much of a impression he'd put on him. Or the little party Zoey threw at Jane's apartment;he'd argued vehemently against the idea earlier but Zoey conquered him with ease.

"This is your first milestone!,you should celebrate." She had stated during their argument. So here he his enjoying the solemn evening in Jane's apartment filled with few people. Majorly some friends and crews Zoey had grown familiar with. None of them which seemed to interest him noticing that most of the men were secretly flirting with her. But what could he do?, It's not her fault that her body is a work of art or that she's

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