Chapter 2059

I returned to the orphanage, but I was still ‘lucky’. An Arbacian couple adopted me, but they were also abusive.

The previous couple abused me for two years. Although I had just arrived in a new place, I was not scared at all. Whenever they beat me or scolded me, I remained silent.

Fortunately, they were not extremely abusive. They only used me as an outlet to vent whenever they were in a bad mood. Most of the time, they were a pretty sane couple.

They sent me to school.

Since then, I studied psychology without their knowledge. I even used their money to look for a psychology teacher.

I was still a nobody at that time. I had no wealth, but I knew the ability to read someone’s mind and control them. It made the road to my success much easier.

The path of learning was challenging and lonely. However, the girl remained as my only mental support and kept me going.

I promised her that we would meet again. However, I was sure that she might not be able to recognize me at all.

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Belen Gui Bu
it is finished?
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Olabisi Oyelohunnu
Great Story. I enjoyed the reading journey. Kudos!
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