Giving You the Love of a Lifetime

Giving You the Love of a Lifetime

By:  Tongge  Completed
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Also known as "The Hardest Thing to Do Is to Say I Love You"I have a secret hidden deep down in my heart:I have loved Dixon Gregg for nine whole years.When I was young, I followed behind him.When I grew up, I finally became his wife.But he never once loved me. He did not even show me an ounce of pity.I tempted him into dating me using a divorce and Shaw Corporations as my bargaining chips, but he remained unmoved.He would never remember that nervous little girl who followed behind him cautiously.It was not until after we divorced that I realized that this so-called love had been one-sided...

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Chapter 1
"Mrs. Gregg, you have terminal cancer..."My face was pale as I asked the doctor, "What did you say?"The doctor pressed his arm over my medical records and enunciated every word clearly. "Mrs. Gregg, your uterus was not completely cleared when you had an abortion two years ago. Then, you had an infection and that caused the cells in your uterus to become cancerous..."I interrupted him tearfully, "How much time do I have left?""The cancer cells are spreading. You have at most three months to live..."I could not hear anything else the doctor said. My mind buzzed loudly and the words "three months to live" reverberated in my head...That night, at the Gregg villa:I sprawled out on the bed like a dead dog, burying my head in the pillow. My heart was filled with sorrow.The person who had been intimate with me earlier was my husband, Dixon Gregg.For three whole years, he would do what he wanted to do and leave with a cold expression on his face every time he visited the villa
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Chapter 2
Dixon was stunned and asked, "What are you playing at?"It had started to snow outside. It would be my 23rd birthday in less than two months.It would be New Year's Eve then.I didn't know if I could make it till then.I pursed my lips, then smiled and suggested, "You know that I have always liked you. That's why I want you to let go of all the prejudice you have against me and date me for three months."Dixon harrumphed and answered, "Dream on."The voice over the phone was devoid of any warmth. In the large room, loneliness loomed over me and my tears fell. My heart hurt so badly that it became numb.I hid the sadness in my voice and said lightly with a smile, "Dixon, don't you want to divorce me? How about this. Date me for three months and be a man who takes care of me and dotes on me. Even if you don't love me, you have to pretend that you love me deeply. If you can make it through three months, I will agree to a divorce. I will even give you all the wealth the Shaw family
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Chapter 3
Dixon hung up on me angrily.I slipped my phone into my bag and was about to leave when I saw the person I least wanted to meet.It was Gwen Worth.The woman Dixon loved wholeheartedly.We stood facing each other. I gave her a small smile and was about to walk past her when she said softly, "Are you Mrs. Gregg?"I paused and looked at her out of the corners of my eyes. "What is it?""Are you happy as Mrs. Gregg?"Gwen Worth was challenging me. I turned to size her up. Her features were exquisite. She had on a layer of light makeup but her lips were colored a bright red. It was a freezing winter, but she was wearing a thin, pinkish-grey dress and had a white coat over it.She was indeed very beautiful. No wonder Dixon liked her.My romantic rival was right in front of me and I was jealous. I wanted to ignore her but she ridiculed me, saying, "Can you really feel relaxed in the position you stole from me? Does Dixon love you? Will he whisper loving words into your ears? Will he
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Chapter 4
Dixon realized that I was behaving oddly. He spread his arms over the back of the sofa and waited for me to eat. The dishes had already been laid out for a few hours and were icy cold. They tasted like nothing in my mouth and I ate them slowly.I tried his patience. He got up and stood in front of me, saying coldly and softly, "Caroline, what do you want?"I put down my bowl and looked at him. I saw that he was looking at the dishes on the table.Dixon suddenly asked, "Did you make these?"He sounded odd. I stood up and started cleaning up while saying, "I asked you during the day if you were going to come home for dinner. You said yes, so I made the dishes you liked joyfully."Dixon suddenly frowned and asked, "What are you playing at?"I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him. His eyes were icy cold and I could not find any of the warmth that had once been present in his eyes.I wanted to say something but stayed silent in the end. I cleared the table silently and washe
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Chapter 5
I had less than three months left. What else could I do?My life was about to end but I had not yet been in love. I wanted to date Dixon Gregg.Even if he was just lying to me, I would be over the moon about it.Speaking of which, I had never been doted on or treated as something precious and important in my entire life. I had never experienced love. That was why I was often jealous of Gwen and that was why I clung to Dixon as if I were possessed.Even if he were to torture me, I would accept it willingly.Between Dixon and me, I was too insignificant.I lowered myself and never once resisted.Dixon did not leave as he usually did. After taking a shower, he sat down on the sofa with his laptop to work.I got up and put on my sleeping gown, then asked him, "Are you going to rest here today?"My sight was very good and I could see the document on his laptop. They were all documents that had been signed by Shaw Corporations previously.Shaw Corporations had encountered quite a b
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Chapter 6
Gwen looked as if she had seen a ghost when she saw me. She started screaming insanely and smashing things. Dixon gathered her in his arms when he saw that.His chest had always been warm and calming.Gwen gradually calmed down as she kept muttering Dixon's name. And that man, my husband, consoled her, "It's alright. I am here. She won't do anything to you."Dixon's momentary gentleness belonged to her. He turned to me and questioned me coldly, "What are you doing in the hospital? Quick, go home."He always told me to go home in front of Gwen.I looked away from the gentleness Dixon gave Gwen. At that moment, Gwen made use of Dixon's influence and threw a cup of boiling water at my face. I screamed in pain and backed away in a panic. I hit some things and just as I was about to fall, someone grabbed my arm.I looked up at him helplessly. "Dixon."His gaze was conflicted when he looked at me. Then, he glared at Gwen and took me to the emergency department. I looked into a mirror
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Chapter 7
I had a dream. It took place in the Shaw villa. My parents and Dixon were there. They conversed with familiarity about my 23rd birthday party.I stood by the sofa listening to Dixon speak. His voice was warm and gentle. "Carol likes the color red. Let's decorate the place with red roses. I will play the piano then."Dixon's eyes were filled with warmth and gentleness. The sun outside the window shone on him, making him seem even more handsome and warm. I wanted to reach out to touch his brow bone. However, my fingers went through him and into the air. I yelled his name loudly, panicking. However, he did not reply. I cried hysterically and everything in front of me turned white.My eyes flew open and I saw that I was in a hospital room. I was still wearing that brightly colored dress I had had on earlier. Dixon was standing beside him with a cold expression on his face.It felt as if I could not accept the cold man in front of me after having seen that warm and gentle Dixon Gregg in
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Chapter 8
Covered in a thick layer of snow, Wu City was so beautiful that it was almost beyond words. I wandered the street among the numerous shops in the snow, dressed in a golden gown with a pure white long coat. The delicate silver earrings I wore that day matched somewhat perfectly with my make-up.It was such a busy city. Standing among the crowd rushing in every direction, I felt like an outsider. I stared at all the people passing by, while the cold wind carried the snowflakes and landed on my face, my hair, and my clothes. However, I didn't feel cold at all. Maybe I was numb. Maybe I had something more important to do. I started following an average-looking man on the street.While he stood there smoking by himself, I gathered all my courage and approached him with my bank card in hand. I opened my mouth to talk and my voice sounded humble. "Would you like to date me for three months? I'll give you five million in return."Stunned by my request, he looked at me as if I was a fool. Af
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Chapter 9
I remained silent while Dixon kept staring at me, waiting for an answer.I rushed to hop off the bus as soon as it stopped at the next station. I was relieved to see that he didn't come along. I took a taxi back to where I had been to pick up my car and drove myself back home.The extravagant villa was looking extremely empty. I sat on the sofa, unable to concentrate on anything else apart from what Dixon had said. "I still owe her a wedding."To be honest, Dixon indeed owed Gwen a wedding.Three years ago, Gwen had given up on Dixon as much as he had given up on her.Even if she had refused the three million and insisted on staying at Wu City right by Dixon's side, he would have broken up with her.It seemed that there was no right and wrong in their case.He should have given her a grand wedding three years ago.I had just taken her place and it was time to restore everything to how it was.While I was lost in thought, Summer Jacobs called.She was a friend of mine, and God
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Chapter 10
It had been snowing for days. Wu City was glittering under the city light with everything covered by pure white snow. We stood face to face in the narrow lane, his shadow stretching long and thin on the ground below us. He could easily have been mistaken as a character walking out of a manga. He heard what I said and was stunned. He looked at me with curiosity but didn't say anything about how I had addressed him. He simply asked me, "Where do you live, young lady?""The villa of the Shaw family..."As soon as I replied, I remembered that Dixon had never been there before, so I told him the address in a hurry. He gave me a faint smile and took off the scarf to wrap it around my neck, the warmth of his body still lingering.I heard him say, "Let's go. I'll walk you home."His smile made him even more good-looking...It seemed that his eyes and brows had been painted on just to add to his charisma.I stepped up to walk by his side and attempted to hold his hand. I could tell that h
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