Chapter 2

Dixon was stunned and asked, "What are you playing at?"

It had started to snow outside. It would be my 23rd birthday in less than two months.

It would be New Year's Eve then.

I didn't know if I could make it till then.

I pursed my lips, then smiled and suggested, "You know that I have always liked you. That's why I want you to let go of all the prejudice you have against me and date me for three months."

Dixon harrumphed and answered, "Dream on."

The voice over the phone was devoid of any warmth. In the large room, loneliness loomed over me and my tears fell. My heart hurt so badly that it became numb.

I hid the sadness in my voice and said lightly with a smile, "Dixon, don't you want to divorce me? How about this. Date me for three months and be a man who takes care of me and dotes on me. Even if you don't love me, you have to pretend that you love me deeply. If you can make it through three months, I will agree to a divorce. I will even give you all the wealth the Shaw family has. Think about it. Bear with it for three months and you can have the hundreds of millions that the Shaw family has. You can even marry Gwen Worth openly in three months' time. You won't be losing out on anything."

Dixon asked me indifferently, "Act with you for three months?"

It would be an act of three months and I would be the only member of the audience.

In the end, I would just be lying to myself.

I said softly, "That's right. Please date me."

"Ha, can you not disgust me for three months?"

I was silent.

I saw the black Maybach leaving the mansion.

When I woke up in the morning, my head felt dizzy and heavy. My throat was dry and I found it hard to swallow. I must have cried for too long last night. I got up and took the medicine the doctor had prescribed before washing up, doing my makeup, and heading to the office.

Other than being Dixon Gregg's wife, I was also the CEO of Shaw Corporations.

I was working on some documents in the office when Director Gregg called.

His voice was low as he said seriously, "Did you know that Gwen has returned from the States? You have to watch Dixon closely during this period. I will handle the rest."

I was stunned and asked him, "When did she return?"

Director Gregg replied, "Yesterday."

No wonder. He probably did not want to pretend to be in love with me in front of Gwen.

Dixon did not want Gwen to think that he loved me.

There was a piercing pain in my heart when I thought of that.

Since I couldn't have him, I should just let go.

I smiled and said lightly, "Dad, I want a divorce."

Director Gregg stopped breathing and asked hesitantly, "What did you say?"

"Dixon doesn't love me. The relationship between the two of you has also become tenser and tenser after he married me. Your relationship will probably improve after our divorce."

Director Gregg would never agree to our divorce.


I looked down at the share transfer document on my desk. I smiled with relief as I said, "Don't worry. I will transfer all of the Shaw shares to Dixon."

Director Gregg fell silent. Then, he asked confusedly, "Gwen just returned and you already can't wait to let her become Mrs. Gregg. You're also willing to transfer the Shaw shares to the Gregg family. What do you want?"

What did I want?

I covered my eyes, which were tearing up, and forced down the sorrow I felt in my heart. Then, I answered softly, "Back then, there were numerous families who wanted to join forces with the Shaw family through marriage. I chose the Gregg family then. What did I want out of that?"

I said, self-mockingly, "Dad, you wanted the Shaw family, but all that I wanted was him."

Director Gregg was silent. In the end, he sighed heavily.

I hung up and signed my name on the share transfer document: Caroline Shaw.

I was the only person left in the Shaw family since my parents passed away.

And I was about to die. The Shaw family could only depend on Dixon Gregg.

Dixon Gregg was an exceptional man. Other than not having sufficient power to protect the woman he loved three years ago, he was sharp and vicious in his business dealings. He was a very decisive person.

He was so powerful that his opponents were afraid of him.

After being at a disadvantage three years ago due to his lack of power, he had begun to amass a great amount of power. The Gregg family today was powerful enough to take on the Shaw family.

Even though there would be losses on both ends, Dixon had nothing to fear. I knew that he was waiting for an opportunity, for when he could leave his father's control and when Gwen would return. He was ready now and would go after the Shaw family. Rather than having him destroy it, I might as well give it to him straight.

After all, there would be no one to inherit the company in three months.

After signing the share transfer document, I wrote a will.

There was only one short sentence:

"Dixon, I hope you can have what you want in life."

I took the document and took it to Mr. Connor. He was my father's lawyer.

He flipped through the documents in surprise and then looked at the will again.

I said with a light smile, "When I leave, give everything to Dixon. But I hope that he will be able to play the piano at my grave."

Mr. Connor looked at me sadly and asked, "President Shaw, which song do you want him to play?"

I answered him casually, "The Street Where Wind Resides."

When I had first met Dixon, the first song I heard him play was "The Street Where Wind Resides".

That was the last song my mother played for me before she died.

After leaving Mr. Connor, I called Dixon again. He picked up the phone and growled, "Why are you calling again?"


I had only called him twice this year.

That included the call I had made yesterday.

I forced down my temper and asked with a smile, "Are you coming home for dinner tonight?"

He tossed me a single word coldly, "No."

It was snowing. I reached out to catch the snowflakes. The icy cold feeling seemed to go straight into my heart. I suddenly said, "I heard that Gwen is back..."

Dixon interrupted me coldly, "What are you going to do to her? Caroline Shaw, let me warn you. I will not let you off if you do anything to her!"

I had wanted to tell him that I would divorce him and let them be together. I wanted him to come home for dinner to discuss our divorce.

Yet, in his heart, I was always cruel and evil.

Since he thought of me in that way, I would allow him to continue thinking so.

I said with a smile that did not reach my eyes, "Then will you come home tonight? I cannot guarantee that I won't be jealous and do something to hurt her."
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